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Jimmy is best girl




Im waiting for next update


ngl the Hammer girl is very cute tho 

just about to start the game for the first time, anyone able to tell me how long the game currently is story wise? i see its been a couple years since 0.1.2 came out and just wondering if there enough content for a few days at the very least, maybe a week even?

about 3-4 days

if you don't play 24/7

Less then that dude game took me not even a full day to beat but if your saying like truly 100% every scene/event then yea maybe 2 or 3


давайте мы все откроем глаза, у нашего магазина судьба яндера deff, синдром творца. Платите деньги, а я буду кормить обещаниями и "делать", эта игра мне понравилась и я ждал её и ждал, но думаю продолжение так и не выйдет.

let's all open our eyes, our store has the fate of yander deff, creator syndrome. Pay the money, and I will feed you with promises and "do", I liked this game and I waited and waited for it, but I think the continuation will not come out.


it will come out whenever it comes out. If the excessive wait time is that big of an issue move onto a different distraction. you're not obligated to support the game and don't worry over other people who choose to support it, its their choice lol

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Ну, мне повезло что я только сейчас закончил пролог. Возможно мне придётся ждать месяц или два. Хотя я не знаю сколько ты ждал.

Ну и так, к слову; если разраб сделает полную и рабочую 1 главу за один апдейт, то тогда лучше отложить её до того момента пока не пройдёт минимум несколько месяцев, что-бы долго не ждать следующею главу.


Honestly fantastic game. Many times during playing i'm just sitting here going "How tf is this just the prologue?!" The setup for chapter 1 has me hooked, can't wait for more updates! Also Everyone saying anything about waifu's is wrong, Jimmy is the best waifu. He's a true bro, And is worth every copper


Hey Komisari, in version 0.1.3 (besides the favorites Lucy and Sunny) will the two fisher girls Shikia and Yinna be included a bit more in the story? That would be really great.


*Hey komisari, make a version 0.1.3

that would be great*

that sounds more fitting :)


Oh yeah


I think it will


Really great game! Finished the prologue in 3 days, and I can't wait for the next chapter. (Lucy best waifu ong)


Well  еveryone has their own opinion


i like lu'na better

I love Lucy too. She is absolutely amazing. A little bit shy, but very intelligent, plus not entirely human and her her body proportions are closer to normal than the others.

And of course Sunny - because she is really hot :)


Аs I already said еveryone has their own opinion


Do I need a high end PC to run this?


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It's 2 or 3d game no


but maybe a time machine or rather a portal gun into an alternate world where the dev is working on his game instead of financing his alc addiction with the patreon money (just exaggerating the meme)lol 


McDonalds addiction*



im probably just super dumb but someone remind me what alc is

alcohol probably


Great game waiting for update












Does anyone have a fix or know what is causing the problem with the "Misdirection" quest, i have found 4 hints but i cant find the fifth the. i have talked to yinna,  Rebecca and maria in the evening, i dont remember talking to luna at night but when i try to i dont get the option to talk to here about the theif and when i try to talk to granna it puts me into the shopping menu without the option of talking to her.

Tap talk


Im on the 2nd last part of the prologue and it tell me to level everyone to there max lvl and i was wondering what the max lvl is for all of the characters since the time to level them up grows exponentially each level. 

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10 lvl

Sunny 5lvl

Maria 5lvl

El. 4-5lvl

Ari 5lvl

Delila 0lvl

Leticia 4-5lvl


will there be a Russian language?

Скорее всего нет, чем да. 

Im stuck on the second to last quest for the prologue where it says i dont need to go home and to talk to all the girls. The girls dont have anymore dialogue. Im not sure what to do from here.



I've slept so many days already


does this have any feet stuff?

Yes everyone have feet.


Should I start playing the current version 0.1.2? or wait for 0.1.3? Just wondering if the system, UI, and any other stuff will be changed after the new update.


As it stands, we've been waiting 2+ yearsfor an update, so you might as well play the game now - it should update fine after 0.1.3 releases sometime in 2030


*3023 (early january)


Slowly becoming legendary, like Duke Nukem or Half Life...


Just give us the update! Youve worked on it long enough.

Play now, no one knows when the update will land, and its best to know the prologue ahead of time so chapter 1 will make sense

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When I try to install this on Android(Samsung Note 8) I always get "App not installed." This happens after it finishes staging and I press Install. Anybody know a fix?

Clear space on your phone. Its a storage issue.

in Android you need x4 free size the game to download it. i mean the 1.2v update size is like 1GB. so to download it you need 2GBx4 which mean 4GB free size in your phone to download it. i don't know why it is like this but unfortunately for every app in the mobile you need to do so. unfortunately...

Ah I see, thanks. Will try to see if I'm able to free up some space. Bit short of it since I have a lot of VNs.

Can I ask what the difference between android version and PC version? I want to play on cellphone but if there's a great difference between them, let me know.

Compression. Android version is slightly less in details but on most phones you cant tell much of a difference


whens the next update?


"Early January" lol


where to get the pickaxe i forgot🗿


you can buy the stone and iron one at maria's sop in front of the fishing shop at the market.

Or guild members can bring pickaxes from quests

ay guys tnx for the help


Just wanna say this a great game cant wait for the 1.3v Update keep up the good work!

can't you just add 1.3 and then just add the rest as 1.4, 1.5 etc

Значок "Проверено сообществом"

Deleted 12 days ago
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there is an android version. check the downloads
you can play the pc version on joiplay, with the renpy plugin as well

chapter 1 (upcoming 0.1.3) is, according to komi, a very very big update that he claims makes 0.1.2 look like a demo in comparison, should more than double if not triple the overall content, story, etc

hes stated future updates wont take nearly as long, chapter 1 is not only the next huge part of the game, but its been a big learning experience over the past couple years, hence why his work has vastly improved from the sneak peeks

No pregnancy is currently planned. from what i recall, he wants the main focus to be on the story and characters

4gb ram is good enough to run the android version. not 100% sure about the pc version on joiplay, would need to experiment

dont kill komi u.u;


I really hope (7) is a joke. I've heard from a youtuber that a project that allows players to run PS2 games on the phone was shut down due to death threats to the developer.

Deleted 12 days ago

You never know with people in this age. A simple joke can be vastly misunderstood. That said the person who answered your questions should be mostly correct. This next update is gonna blow😏 the current one out the damn ocean


I am really enjoying it so far, i love how the game can be serious and funny at the same time like in the prologue ending (poor Lucy bruh)

I'm eagerly waiting for chapter 1 while i grind for 1 gold coin to buy the best skill in the game.

I was gonna say something like "hopefully it updates soon so i have less chance of losing my save because i constantly clean up my files" but honestly I wouldn't really mind replaying the prologue. Cool world building, cool story writing, cool character designs and writing.

 Jimmy eating popsicle out of 10, great experience, I recommend 


Fun game so far I do have a question though. I am trying to get level 4 with Luna and I see on the map that she is ready for it. It's morning and the map says she's at the guild house, but i look on the guild map and she isn't in any of the rooms I have. Any advice?


Click on the heart icon, click on Luna, read the TIP!

thank you


(Clock ticking)

Phineas: We're watchin', and we're waitin',

On the edge of our seats, anticipatin'

It's looking awful permanent,

But we know it could go away...

We're keeping our eyes peeled, keeping 'em glued to the spot

'Cause one moment it's there but then the next maybe not

Don't know if it's magic or some weird cosmic plot,

So we're watchin' and we're waitin'...

We're starin' and we're glarin' 'til our corneas burn

We hope it'll stay for the rest of the day 'til our HHG returns

So don't even think about blinking or it just might go...away...

So we're watchin', and waitin',

So we're watchin', and waitin',

Yeah we're watchin', and waitin',

We're watchin'...

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I defended the dev on a number of occasions, pretty aggressively as well. Mainly to the 'update wheners' or rant posters. 

After the most recent thing that's happened, now im starting to have doubts as to how commited they are to making this game. It was a step too far for me tbh. Since this was on discord, I will explain it here so people have context.

Before Christmas, there was an announcement thanking people for 3 years of support and explaining the status of development, it was pretty longwinded.. The important statements in there were as follows.

''I've been working on something else, something that I should have done before, something It should be normal for me to do every year, to respect my users and my community.

And that, I hope, will be proof of my dedication to making this game better, it will be a show of my actual skills and an open door directly to prepare you and create expectations for Chapter 1.''

To give context, the dev stated that they were going to release some content showcasing the skills they have been working on, before going back to working on chapter 1. ''the little surprise has 118 animations ''

now the important thing is this.

''proof of my dedication to making this game better'' and ''to respect my users and community''

Sounds great right, its pretty much a perfect way to assure people. I was hoping for it. It was going to be coming out around Christmas. 

Anyways fast forward to new years eve and this gets posted. 

''It's New Year's but there isn't any Christmas update, and I think you guys deserve an explanation on what's going on:

I'm an idiot and I'm unable to properly estimate dates xDD It's not more deeper than that. I'm just an idiot.''

Then the eta changed to early january, its almost mid january right now.

''When? This month . Edit - Early January.''

How is this proving your dedication to making the game better? and respecting your community? Like I have a lot of respect for this dev, how they would communicate so much. I hate the constant 'update wheners' that post here. I felt bad for them needing to deal with that.

You might be asking, why am I going so far to criticise this person? because this pissed me off a lot, that's all. I want them to take this more seriously, and to prove to everyone that they are infact taking it seriously. To shut the people up that keep asking for progress, and they did the opposite.

Yeah im some random nobody on the internet, whatever. But this is me trying to tell you Komi to get your crap together because I want the end result to be good even if it takes years, but for christ sakes man give your community something, and soon and stop making promises that you cant keep, its making you look bad. Prove the below people wrong.

Also this is a friggin bible of a post, and im outright hostile here so feel free to delete it if you want. So long as you read it once I dont care. 


Thank you so much for your opinion, I'm sorry to not be able to meet your expectations in terms of time, I hope to do it in terms of quality, or at least, to make you have fun with future updates.

I won't delete it.


u gotta admit komisari he has a point........ the update is taking an unreasonable amout of time.......  i respect u and think ur really creative for your game but also very lazy..... u should be considered of ur fans a bit cause tbh this constant chains of delays and miscalculated ETAs making u looking bad even those very fans are defending u so many times that they started to have doubts .... please post the update as soon as possible .... i have faith in you .... as so many others ... but nothing is infinite. peace


I think ur right bro. After 2 years of no updates while also taking patreon money, its inexcusable.  I'd rather the dev make small updates gradually. 


I really hate to say this but it is the easiest scam to perpetrate, promise updates and keep people waiting while milking the patreon subscribers for their money the longer it takes the more money they get. This has been happening with other developers too, I am not saying it's happening here, but 2 years is beyond a ridiculous amount of time.

An honest developer would stop charging his / her subscribers until they could actually deliver anything. I know of developers who do this.

The best way to get anything more is to hit them where it hurts financially and stop subscribing. I think if people are still subscribing now paying a monthly fee, after 2 years of nothing then in reality they deserve to be scammed. Most people end their subscription if they don't receive anything within a certain time frame, or of course if they are being lied to.  Regardless I would say by now something is very wrong and very fishy.  This feels like a similar situation as milfy city developer dangling a carrot and delivering absolutely nothing for years...and even today still nothing and he still has his subscribers. At this point they are throwing their money into the fire and watching it burn.


Man, I'm sure you did a lot and in 0.1.3 version and you know that you can make 0.1.4 , 0.1.5 ... etc so you can add all the stuff you want later, this will keep the pressure in this page low and fans service will improve


This game was already in S tier. But then i learned that only for 1 gold i can unlock "holly headpat" to watch the best  cutscene in the fucking game. Easiest SSS+ tier game in my life. Hope, one day, this game get an update. 


Bruh, no new update? It's been 2 years lmao


how are you able to get new rooms for the guild


So when is the update?


Last game update 2020. We are in the year 2023.

Dev tells us next game update is huge and blah blah blah...

No, since 2020 there hasn't been a game update and just strange explanations from developers as to why it's taking so long.

Dev said that we can expect a game update at the end of 2023 and shortly before the end of 2023 it was postponed (again). 

Dev is just milking the naive patreons.


you are the best!


I thought it was announced to be early 2023


There has never been an ETA. 

The dev always says something like "maybe there will be a game update soon" and then it keeps getting postponed. He also keeps making strange excuses like personal problems, family, etc. 

It's a strategy to keep the Patreons on a leash. He is just milking the naive people.


Hello please send a screenshot or anything that proves that I said that the update is delayed because personal problems or family.

No, wait, anything that says that its delayed because something else than just my mistakes calculating time and content as a developer.



And another weird post. Thanks for that example.


early 2023 doesn't mean january it can be febuary or the beginning of march

according to your logic, it could be the beginning of December

the dev said end of 2022 early 2023 . 2022 is finished so between today and the beginning of march 2023 we can get the update


for any one wondering how to get a lot of money, if you full upgrade the fishing rod in the skill tree and have all the gear for it you can catch sturgeon (the gold quality fish) in the market pond, they sell for 7 silver each so if you only catch sturgeon by canceling when you hook something else you can catch 25 a day and make 1 gold and 75 silver a day.

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I am so confussed. How do people know each other exactly? And how old is everybody? Is Elisabeth mc's mom? The amethyst witch, shes called a teacher. Teacher usually implies at least between 5 and 50 years older but her and mc seem the same age. 

I know i shouldnt "worry" about that, but i start to wonder and then it breaks me out of the game immersion.

Also, how do i add bait to the fishingrod? Is it applied automatically? I tried a few different things but nothing seems to work.

"that means he can stay?"

"thanks to god." 

NO lady, thanks for a big booba demon lady with wings way too small of her to functionally fly with given her bodyweight to wing ratio.


Elizabeth is the caretaker of the MC, not his actual mom.
Leticia is her teacher and the Amethyst Witch.
They might look young, but have way more years than the MC, whenever you unlock them, check their "Ages" in the cards.

Bait and accessories apply automatically, as their description says so.

Hey I know the game is coded in Ren'Py but what did you use to generate the animations?

The models seem to be made in Koikatsu, so I'd expect he used a heavily modded version of that game.


Anyone knows if theres pregnation in this game???


(1 edit) (-1)

Looks like a no.  Too bad.


Does anybody know how to get the girl in between Leticia and Delilah?

it's the girl for the end 

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