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 Hello how to earn silver coins?   

You need to obtain 100 copper coins!

Dude. I was already a huge fan of this game before the overhaul, and while I wish you could go as far along in the story as before, the new system looks truly majestic. The art style is perfect, the dialogue is well done, the sex looks great. My only complaint is not having enough to play to really sink my teeth into.  I love the additions and hope this is only the beginning of something truly epic.  

Thanks a bunch.

Thanks man! The overhaul was entirely focused on new systems and giving the gameplay a "This is what the game is going to be" feel.

The next update will have plenty of content :P

So like where's the bathroom?

I want to progress with Lucy's story and the ip said to take advanatage of the bathroom but I can't find it and I've spent quite some time looking for it, sone one help please ;(

Hello! The bathroom is to the left of the kitchen!

Thank you!

When playing mobile it's kind of hard to see where I can access and where I can't so I'm suggesting maybe you can add some sort if indicator or highlight it.

It just makes things easier love the game so far btw!

I'm working on that! Thank you!

I  can't get level up fara what is the tip I should have the tradition with her means?

Wait till Wednesday.  :)


It seems this version of the game has many more issues with the English compared to 0.0.1. If you need any help with proof-reading the English, I could lend a hand!

Hello, the update that will have almost all issues solved will be updated tonight! I have two editors now, I'll let you know If i need another one.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks!! I'm trying my best to give you all a great game :)
Please, if you have some suggestion or feedback, join the discord!

a good tactic to keep the fans of the game on there toes is to post the approximated update release date in game description 

Hello, there's no release date for next update! That's why

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oh so there will not be more to the game, yet?

Yes, I'm working on the next update, but there will be no release date !

ok i cant wait im in love with this game

awesome job cant wait till the story is completely finished or the next update

Is it just me or I can't seem to find the library or is it a up coming version

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You can unlock the library after some of the first girls arrives to the guild. (Luna,Shino or Evie). You need to scroll on the guildmap to be able to access it :P

Loving the game so far but the drastic camera movements in lunas bath scene made me nauseous

They will be fixed! Thanks!

Excellent game I can't wait for the next version!

Thanks! <3

I’m loving the game. I just have a quick question about the fishing. I don’t seem to be able to do it. Do I need a fishing rod ? There isn’t any animation. After I press the rod icon, I’m just staring at the water.

Open your backpack and touch on the fishing rod!
You can open your inventory faster with E and use the rod with 1


I don't seem to have a fishing rod in my inventory. Maybe I missed something lol. Do you know where I can get it? Thanks again. 

You can get the fishing rod if you go to the lake at day!

How can I earn silver coins?

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You need to obtain cooper coins :) 100 cooper coin = 1 silver coin.

will my 0.1.0 save work on the next version of the game?


Hey Dev. Amazing update as always, but i got problem with finding Evie :3 

Evie is on the Bicycle place at day if you have Jimmy's quest active

Got it thanks :)

Is the Fly Like A Bird quest complete? Can you visit Abigail at midnight yet?

Nope, not for now

Ok so I'm confused here, on the chapter one quest how do I do it if I cant level up the girls because there are no more events? Please help

Because they are in development! You can't end that quest.

Ok thanks for the feedback!!! Cant wait for the next update!

hello love the game. when is the next update if i may ask???

There's no date for the update yet!

ok thank you. still love it!!

why cant i please try this new update for free

Hey jrjames18! The game will be free 29th of February.

Until that time, the game goes through beta and pre-release to fix bugs and improve aspects of the game so that free users have the game polished and ready to enjoy.
Only patreon users or people who pay the game can try it out before anyone! It would be unfair for them to give it to someone. I hope you understand.

yeah i get it, i do love the game and if i could i would love to help with any part of it (story line, dialogue) i will do it for free cause this is an amazing game i give a 10/10 so far cause it has humor, action, and sexy scenes.

You can Join the discord and put your suggestions there!

ok cool

i send luck if i was able to i would love to help support on patreon but im not aloud to use my moms card

i would love to have a free full version of this game hell i would be honored to help with the story line man cause i can come up with some great ideas if you are interested HMU at

I’m not sure if I’m stupid or unable to read but, how on earth do you get money.

Check Board before leaving Guild House (Morning Only) and send girls to work.

I can't not quest complete

 where is jimmy

Evening Market area Town Gate and after that next evening town stairs.

I found the game to have the beginnings of the fantasy games that we all played. I find the atmosphere to be soothing  yet amusing as everything played out is setting of the natural harem buildup. Overall looking like it be a good game when it grows from its pre-alpha stage  

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

It's made in Koikatsu and Ren'py! If you create your own game, share it on our discord!

Where´s the town´s gate?

At the market.

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ok thanks, but how do I do the quest where you have to ask the solider at the town´s gate? When I click on it, nothing happens.

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In the market, if you look at one button at the middle-left  of the screen you can travel to the town gate. You need to go there in the right time! (The quest says it)

ok Thank´s

Just started playing and the clear GUI doesn't seem to work and i'd really like to play the start without the black GUI if anyone knows how to fix it please and thank you

Hello, the clear GUI is just for sex scenes! But only works on one scene. In the next version it will be removed. Most of the events has the clear gui automatically.

alright thank you for letting me know with a fast reply :)

Is the game only available for GameJolt and if so will you still continually update it?

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The game is available in a lot of pages. But the principal is Patreon.

For Patrons the game is available 2 weeks before. And after the 2 weeks, It'll be updated in Gamejolt and

Yes. It'll be continually updated!

i Got as far as i can but i don't understand Luna's tip could you please help me out?

You need to see her in the afternoon. You will need to upgrade the guild for that.

thanks I was very confused 

I just played the game and I like all the characters but my favorite is lucy. How do you catch the cat girl? Also awesome game I hope it gets updated soon ❤


Thanks! Join the discord for sneak peeks and polls!

You can catch the cat-girl in the afternoon if you make a 2nd room.

She will be there.

How do I do tasks where I need to go or what should I do?

Just follow the quest and girl's tips. 😊


The next version when is complete?

End of January to start/mid of February.

It can be delayed! But I will try to bring the game before March.

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And good new year

I love the game with all my heart, and anything I have to say about content is matched in the future plans; well done and I hope to see this game do well!

(I might be able to help with the GUI art, it doesn't seem as though it would be too difficult (9 years of art classes speakin' for me here))

Thanks! For now, the GUI will remain simple for v0.1.0 .

But maybe I'll change it sometime, join the discord so we can be in contact.

Deleted 2 years ago

Lucy says it at the beginning! You need to see the board every morning

Send the bitches out every morning to make you money. Pimp style.  Your "Hero" status pretty much is in name only. You do nothing but try and get people in your house and get them naked.

In v0.1.0 You can follow the girls on their contracts to help them, advance in levels or unlock new scenes.


It's very good! Great potential. Not a whole lot of content at the moment. You sorta just get a taste of what it really could become. Very likable characters. Looking forward to more updates!

still want to headpat jimmy ;v


What if Jimmy is actually a girl?


This is a good game so far. Just a few things. I first run into Fara after getting....the cat girl (forgot her name) and the characters act like they've met before. Did I miss something? 

As well the English could be a little bit better, but for the most part it is a very good game! I am excited to see this as you continue to update it!

The sex events of the girls are from the future because I had little time to develop a slow event relationship! That will be fixed in v0.1.0 with a smooth relationship progress until lewd scenes! That is why It looks like every character knows each other

I can not figure out how to get to route 7 to clean it up.

It's not completed yet! That's why it has a "repair" logo in the quest thumbnail

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I realized after I found the laziest handymen in existence XD

Hey man, wanted to say I really enjoy the characters. There's something super charming about this. Look forward to following the game!

Thanks! You can join the discord to see some previews of next updates in the future!

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no idea if its a bug or not. but atm all i can do is interact with elizabeth and thats all. if its not a bug. then my b. i can navigate the map but other then that. nothing else

Follow the quest! Once you complete it, the prologue will be over.
You need to talk to teoro at the market, then spend time with ari at the forest, buy the coal at teoro again, and deliver it to elizabeth. I'm sorry if it's not clear, I'll make it more clear in future versions.

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i should of been more forward my b. but when ever i completed the quest it just kinda got fully stuck. all i could do was talk to elizabeth. the chick at the magic shop (forgot her name) no longer existed and i could semi interact with ari  and the sword and shield magic chick gives you wasnt an item the game actually registered me having 

Edit: Just started a new game to see if it was just that save that goofed. nope. still happens

Edit 2: I did it in the exact order that you said. then it worked. Odd i suppose guess if you do it in the wrong order its impossible to get past that part of the game

Yes, some people are having the same problem as you, do you remember what exacly have you done?

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if i remember. i would go to ari. and just walk away from her after cause you receive the money. then you go buy the coal from teoro then you hang out with elizabeth then go to leticia.  you receive the safe device and if you go to ari and ask to hunt with her she says you have no weapon  and the quest for elizabeth also gets fully stuck and cant go to the next one but the quest becomes repeatable just by talking to her to get the +2 affection over and over.

p.s sorry for all the late replies. its great to see your always up to date with your community and so on with such fast replies. +respect for that

No problem, thanks to you it will be fixed! Thanks <3

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