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 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for accidentally surviving a powerful demon. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train, and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 460+ animations, over 5500+ images and there's a LOT more to come. 


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Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Windows/Linux 9 GB
Version 0.1.2
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Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Android 1 GB
Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild Content Pack V2! (All lewd scenes, removed scenes, concepts, 1 GB
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I'm excited for the next big update! The sneak peeks from Discord got me hyped. I'm surprised how much I would end up loving the game, despite it being in development (which can often make things a hassle, I know this from previous QA work). But this is solid, I'm wrapped up in the story, and adore the characters. Especially Jimmy, Jimmy is a real and true bro. The humor alone has been awesome, and I love this game. XD

I appreciate the work going into this! I know the lengthy process of game development, so please take time for yourself as needed. As much as I want the next update right this second, I want a sane and not-broken developer more, lol. Looking forward to more!


Yeah, game is dead guys.

When you ***, is there a sound of panting?


People why I cant (ACTIONS)??? I want to fuck she :c


does this game have pregnancy?


When there is the latest update, do you have to start from scratch again or will it be synced right?


This game actually surprised me by its humor and funny interaction with all character.

Why does it keep telling me.. "Failed Forbidden" I can't download the game..

What do I do with raw meat


Nothing yet, those stuff were implemented in last update, but no way to spend or use them yet. Just collect or skip. Incoming  update shud have some new activities for those ingedients.


i don't think the game will have an android version from now on (maybe not or yes). i just want it to be able to run through joiplay. so please make it play on joiplay for Android users.

I played it on Android and it worked fine so I'm sure it'll be the same when the new Version drops


what i meant is there is games that have an update that work on joiplay and the next of that update doesn't. so i just want mr.div. to make it run in joiplay. I'm saying this as if the 1.3v will not have an android version because of the size of files or something like that. and i don't know maybe the 1.3v will have an android version and everything is solved. 


Hope to see 1.3 soon

Where to find finder map perk? Pls tell me

Hi hi! i'd like to ask: is it all vanilla, or does it cater to various fetishes, or what? I'm just wondering! /gen

Very Vanilla but that might change in the future though the sneak peeks on discord also look very vanilla.


incest mode?

Hi, which is your Ren'py version?


7.3.5 for v0.1.2.

Next update will have latest.



I will unlock all porn scenes, do not want to play but want to unlock the scene please add my QQ 2219545655


Help me, please. I reinstalled the software on my phone and my saves disappeared.

On phone your saves do not transfer automatically, you have to manually locate the save files and relocate them before you un-install the old version, then replace them in the correct folder when you install the new version. This applies to every Renpy game out there.


finally this moment comes im just wondered if the new update would reset the data which we played in the v1.2 ? 💀

Probably not

just pledged my loyalty :D cant remember how early i get new version but seriously cant wait i aint came accross any bugs yet and iv finished this version but i would probz play this regardless, dont normally comment on these games but (dev) u derserve hella praise. games 1000/10 (hope this game keeps going strong wish u all the best, keep up the great work)

Why when I tap action its doesn't do anything?

The action button only works if you have unlocked an adult scene with that girl at that specific time of day and location. 

Example: Hitting action while in Lucy's workshop in the morning after viewing the adult scene there will replay the scene. 

Failure Example: Hitting action In the living room while Lucy is standing next to her bedroom door will do nothing, and reopen the choice menu.

If you have not viewed a scene with that girl in that specific place at that time of day, there is no action that can be taken there. The action button is kind of like a repeatable scene selector, and if there is no scene to repeat, the button does nothing.

Yes I alr unlocked it but It's didn't do anything like a bug or something and I try do it with other girl and its still same

Which girl, location, and time are you clicking action? All of them are working fine for me. Remember, it has to be exact, so something like clicking action while talking to Luna at noon and clicking action while talking to Luna at night are two very different situations.

Does anyone know how to unlock Lucy's third sex scene?

(1 edit)

You have to change her outfit in the affection menu and then meet up with her in her workshop in the morning


I only play for Jimmy


Ze best bro


Can someone tell me how to complete this quest? 


you need to go to the mine at midnight

Thanks for the help


I can finally continue because I found my old ~100% save, yeah, from Dec 28 2021.



Checked back a year later only to see nothing was added, another abandoned game huh


a sneak peak was shown two weeks ago...


Yeah they give updates really often especially on the discord. Komisari is planning a huge update we just don't have a definitive date yet.

How can i open the "Guild  member's love" lewd scene of Lucy? I opened all her scenes except this one. Please guide me if you know.

need to buy the guild members costume for lucy

(1 edit)

Where to buy

Click on her in the affection menu and select change card, then you can select the guild outfit with the arrows

i cant remember if this game worked on my pc or not i do know it worked on my laptop. what are the minimum system requirements? my desktop has an intel celeron will that be good enough?


ok finished the game and halloween stuff too.

need more. l.o.l

i think the animation could be improved.. look at harem hotel or once in a lifetime. this isn't a knock, the game is good, really good.


is there a way to delete saves ?

Lucy best girl ♥


isn't there an actual time for the update 1.3v?? i just downloaded discord to see if it is up or not. but it seems Mr/Ms.div. didn't abandon the game. from what i see in discord I'm sure the game will be great. but still.... when it will release?? just tell us how much time will it take??? will it be released in this month?? the next one?? this year????? 

well thanks you for the hard work but shouldn't you give a nearly time to the released update 1.3v??

i mean no bad intentions but good ones. 

again thank you for the game it's already being great and i know the 1.3v and the future updates will be more great. 

Can you send discord link i want to join

My game has 1 quest still in development - it’s about finding Abigail and at the pub. 

can this be completed yet? The obvious answer is no, but I just wanted to check.

Obviously it's can't be completed because it's under development. 😗

it’s so obvious 



Pros good game with the ability to sell stuff and have money - I dunno why but I like that.

cons not much of the game?

if it’s new and or still in development that’s totally cool... just makes me crave more content. Like I’ve played for about 6 hours, I’m at day 36 and it feels like I’ve almost finished everything 


You finish everything when leveling up most girls to 10 and then clicking the bed and "Finishing the prologue"

all finished now. :)

good job team


how to complete this mission?

complete the task of other girls'goodwill and improve the goodwill of other girls,and you can unlock this task.


Just stopping by to say i absolutely love the game 

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