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 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for accidentally surviving a powerful demon. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train, and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 460+ animations, over 5500+ images and there's a LOT more to come. 


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Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Android 1 GB
Version 0.1.2
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De verdad que buen juego, tiene un toque único.

Espero con ansias la versión en español de la última versión del juego 😍


Hi, love your game. Could you tell when the 1st chepter is going to be finished?
Can't wait to see more content.

Hello, I'm a new player oh this game ad I wanted to ask, if this Halloween event is still in the game or not, because I can't seem to trigger it. Or are there conditions to unlock it.

The halloween event finished almost two months ago!

So there are time limited events in this game?

awsome game so much better than almost all of them. impatiently waiting for more lol . keep up the great work.


If i uninstall the game and install the new version, is my safe gonna gone? (I play on android) 

hello? i know that non of u care about this but is the champion of realms connected to hero's harem guild? cuz i saw leticia's shop look alot like heramael's alchemy in champion of realms,i know no one cares but atleast i say what i want:)


It is not!

sorry! the place just look similar. 

Probably both using the same cheap/free stock asset

Hello! Wow, this is the best game in the world! He has a lot of options and things to do, he also has a lot of girls, the graphic design is amazing and the story is incredibly good and very interesting. I love this game, it is my favorite!
And I wanted to ask you something, I already downloaded v0.1.2 and I weigh about 9GB, but I wanted to know if when the Spanish version comes out I have to download the full game again, it is that my internet is too slow and it takes a long time to download the game :(
And I will also support the project on patreon with a donation. I will wait for the next updates.
Thank you!!!

Hello! Thank you so much! You're playing on Android or PC?

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I'm playing on PC

Good work of passion.
Had a lot of performance spikes (on Windows), but I can live with that.
Really like the humour and most characters are very fleshed out in their personality.
Some events have timing issues and shouldn't be triggerable as soon as they currently are - e.g. Queens Throne can be trigered too early IMHO. 

Overall very enjoyable, sunk many hours into it before finishing the prologue.

Thank you so much! Queen's Throne is meant to trigger later. But decided to add it before time!

Will all girls with romance levels have h-scenes?

Not all girls. Some of them doesn't.

I gotta say, I 100% love this game! The story is really good and I got stuck really fast, I was a bit dissapointed when I couldn't go further with Sunny but I enjoyed the game, it's not done yet but it's definetly worth downloading. Jimmy is the best part of the game, he constantly makes me laugh.

Thank you so much! 

i swear to god I Spent like 30h in this game and I CANT FIND A SINGLE SMALL LOG HELP 

You can buy them from the old lady.

i've been ignoring her the whole time xD


30h!? Damn. And you're not even on chapter 1 o.O

Komisari, de verdad muchas gracias por desarrollar este juego, realmente es impresionante *-*

Espero con ansias las próximas actualizaciones >.<

Muchas gracias ♥


First, the negatives: I didn't really like the art style. MC and Jimmy, in particular, looked misproportioned. I prefer medium- to small-breasted women, but the cast seems to be dominated by big- to huge-breasted women. There's a lot of grinding, and fishing is slow and carpal tunnel syndrome inducing. A minor point: "Yes" and "No" seem like an odd choice of signs to give Evie. Is there a reason she can't just nod or shake her head? That said, I found the plot interesting and the relationship progression well done to such an extent that I came back and paid more than the suggested amount for the game. Keep up the good work! 

Sounds more like personal preference rather than negatives. People like the art, Some people hate it. People like big breast, some people don't. People like the grinding, some people don't. Also the "yes" and "no" thing, again personal preference. I would say it would be nice to have some balance between small breasts and big breasts though that would be nice. 

it is better if you have option to choose at starting between small, medium or large breasts

Eventually, you'll meet more small breasted girls. A lot of them, but eventually.

Hey komisari can you compressed the game in android so it won't take too much space?


The game is already extremely compressed for Android, I'm sorry :(

Hii guys,

Anybody know a game with good story just like HHG??

Champion Of Realm

And how do i earn silver and where do i find shorts

(1 edit)

By selling goods and if your copper coins went higher then 99 it changed into silver(1silver=100 copper)

And Short you can find in Helen shop


A Dark Elf................Right...


what's wrong with dark elves, yo?

Idk O.o

Deleted 12 hours ago
(1 edit)

its not that its something thats tight and i mean way to tight and beautiful and nice and idk what to say forgive me if u thought i insulted :(

Ok, first and foremost, I love this game! The characters are amazing, unique, and so much fun. I was hoping for a little help though, I can't seem to finish the Red Devil quest, where is she? I'm also extremely confused by the "demon" at the lake around midnight. Is the demon supposed to trigger a crash screen if I mouse over it?

For the Red Devil quest, just wait until midnight and go to the ruins! In that specific order.

And... Demon at the lake? I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you can go there and check it again?


0.o That was not what I expected! BTW, what can I do with the monster parts?


Buenas al poner el juego en español los menús cambian pero los diologos siguen en inglés es un bug o es así por defecto? Gracias

Me temo mi amigo que la versión al español aún está en desarrollo, el creador ha informado que está dedicando todo el tiempo que puede para poder subirla al  100.


Ah gracias men

Hello! I loved the game, I finished version 1.1, I just downloaded 1.2 and when I want to load my final game of version 1.1 it won't let me.
can anybody help me?

Hey, you can't use v0.1.1! The game had a rework


Oh, I see, so I guess I have to start the story over, right?



Thanks, Can I put the dialogues of the whole game in Spanish?

It's not completed, sadly


This was A+ story telling, even without the H material. The end of the prologue montage hit hard. I hope you are having a good new year, and keep up the good work.

Played the game and am now hooked to checking back for a surprise update (even though I'd expect chapter 1 to be far from ready, but I can dream)! The climax in the Witch shop, and the last interaction with Lucy in the prologue's ending, and so many other scenes (both H and not) are incredibly memorable!

May be completely asking out of turn here, but, is there a chance for more BJ, anal or other kink scenes?  👀 they (specially the latter) seemed particularly rare considering how many H scenes there were so not sure if it's just a matter of chance or if I'm barking up the wrong game!


There are going to be tons of BJ scenes and some anal for the next update, so, I hope you have fun by then... 👀

And thank you so much! Sadly, Chapter 1 is far from done. But I'll take my time to make the scenes better than the prologue!


Me: Hey Evie! Whacha looking at there

Evie: *spook*

Me: lets go home!

Evie:*follows me but stops and looks back*

Me: Evie!

Evie:*Spooks and follows*

*Random glitch zapped*




ok ive been reading thru the comments and havent found an answer so i need help finding the demon in the market at midnight

Level up Ari!

I found some of the writing and scenes genuinely funny and it's longer than expected,  only down side is the lack of sound effects during H scenes everything else is really good and I look forward to more, great job.

I'm playing on my phone and then the game suddenly force closed even though my phone doesn't overheat can you fix it please?

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Just downloaded the game and waiting for 0.1.3!

How will you save your saved progress upon downloading the new update on mobile? I wanted to suggest to have some audio with the girls and not just trying to imagine it :( The game has so much potential and would like to keep on playing!

Not to be rude but when is a actaul update with new stuff to do coming out cause I redownloaded the game since almost a year ago and I beat it again and legit didn't notice anything new at all and I remember asking a while ago if there be anything new for sunny and you told me there would be soon but its been almost a year

That's true i've been waiting for a while now too but perhaps exercising a little more patience may make it worth your while, who knows perhaps the devs are making something big 


Hello, v0.1.2 was a rework. I completely reworked the systems. That's why there is not that much progress on the story. The last update was 1 month ago.

I wish you all the best in your work for you are doing something magnificent 

(1 edit)

How can i share my 0.1.1 saves with 0.1.2? I only got an error when i tried to load my 0.1.1 saves.

While running game code:
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 273, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 273, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 277, in <module>
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 531, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 452, in __call__
AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'MyGuild'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\bootstrap.py", line 316, in bootstrap
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\main.py", line 578, in main
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\main.py", line 143, in run
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\execution.py", line 908, in run_context
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 273, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 273, in script
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 914, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\python.py", line 2028, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 277, in <module>
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\game.py", line 332, in call_in_new_context
    return renpy.execution.run_context(False)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\execution.py", line 908, in run_context
  File "script/splash.rpyc", line 305, in script
  File "script/splash.rpyc", line 305, in script
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 1949, in execute
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 1937, in call
    return renpy.statements.call(method, parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\statements.py", line 277, in call
    return method(parsed, *args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/000statements.rpy", line 531, in execute_call_screen
    store._return = renpy.call_screen(name, *args, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\exports.py", line 2905, in call_screen
    rv = renpy.ui.interact(mouse="screen", type="screen", roll_forward=roll_forward)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\ui.py", line 297, in interact
    rv = renpy.game.interface.interact(roll_forward=roll_forward, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\core.py", line 2702, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\core.py", line 3518, in interact_core
    rv = root_widget.event(ev, x, y, 0)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\transition.py", line 47, in event
    return self.new_widget.event(ev, x, y, st)  # E1101
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\screen.py", line 714, in event
    rv = self.child.event(ev, x, y, st)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 998, in event
    rv = i.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, cst)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\transform.py", line 882, in event
    rv = d.event(ev, cx, cy, st)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\layout.py", line 244, in event
    rv = d.event(ev, x - xo, y - yo, st)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\behavior.py", line 962, in event
    return handle_click(self.clicked)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\behavior.py", line 897, in handle_click
    rv = run(action)
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\display\behavior.py", line 320, in run
    return action(*args, **kwargs)
  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 452, in __call__
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\loadsave.py", line 769, in load
    roots, log = loads(location.load(filename))
  File "E:\Ladatut tiedostot\Locker\CDG\HHGv0.1.2-v0.1.2-pc\renpy\loadsave.py", line 63, in loads
    return cPickle.loads(s)
AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'MyGuild'

Heros Harem Guild v0.1.2
Thu Jan 14 20:25:35 2021

Hey, you simply can use v0.1.1 saves with v0.1.2!

(3 edits)

You clearly didnt read my comment... I said that i got an error when i tried to load my 0.1.1 saves on 0.1.2. I cant load them in 0.1.2


Edit: Though i was playing 0.1.1(beta) and tried to share those saves with 0.1.2(which is not a beta version:/)

Seriously, even the menu button doesnt work. I try to press the right mouse button and every single other button, but the menu doesnt come up :/

Sorry, what I tried to say it that you simply CAN'T use v0.1.1 saves with v0.1.2! You HAVE to start again! There was a big rework. I'm sorry, I read your comment but I made a mistake xD

Oh... Its just that i literally played to the end of 0.1.1... Like, 5-8h. Oh well. Shit happens

i must say i instantly recognized perfect world song theme and made my day ;)

Will there be more events with Sunny?


I cant wait for more. The game is really fun and has many funny moments. I am in a pickel though. I completed the prologue but the prologe quest is still not finished. I need to maximize my levels with all the girls, which i have already. Nothing new pops up. Other than that, great game.

Can't romance Jimmy, 1/5.

I had a lot of fun with the prologue! I'm looking forward to seeing where this game goes next.

Played this game for a day and a half and it was just a prologue!
The story is very good, I really liked the game.
I will wait for the release of this game, keep up the good work!

Me muero de ganas de ver la versión en español para Android 

love the game the story is really good. You do a great job with the models and I like the comic timing. When will the next version be out?


I am back after five months, played over 59 games, paid for more then half of them.

But I can still say this:
This is one of the best games I played in a long time, even tho I can't share it with anyone since it a NSFW, but I do wish it comes out on steam with a price tag. Since this game do not deserve to be free when it finished. 

Thank you so much! Yes, I remember your previous interactions. I'm glad you like HHG

Loved this game     does anyone have recommendations for a game that is equally as good as this one? This blew all the other adult games I have played out of the water.


Lessons In Love, Android Life, Champion Of Realms, Corrupted Kingdoms, and Tales Of Unity.


Mythic manor,what a legend,lucky paradox. what a legend is the best game I've ever played the writing is top notch and it isn't confusing to play you 100% all the time know what to do

Thank you for the response ill check those out!

Is there any way to get the guild member's love scene? It is one of the last ones I'm missing but for Lucy in her workshop its grayed out for a scene any way to get past this? Also great game even with the hidden stuff that can be pretty funny.

(1 edit)

When it shows her in the workshop on the guild map then go to the hallway where fara cleans bent over and click on the door that has stickers and that should do it. I think this is the scene you might be missing not for sure

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