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 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for accidentally surviving a powerful demon. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train, and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 460+ animations, over 5500+ images and there's a LOT more to come. 


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Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Android 1 GB
Version 0.1.2
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im aware im stupid but
ive looked, i searched it up, and i cant find any

buy logs from the old lady in the market and you get sticks from getting the fishing skill that lets you fish up trash

Jimmy and Kevin from What a legend gives off bro vibes. 

Quién diría Komisari es argentino (?

Excelente juego, seguí así que tiene potencial. Por cierto, ¿estás haciendo todo el trabajo solo o tenés equipo?

PD: En android las escenas tiran a tildarse (no sé si será mi celular de apenas 2 ram), pero 10/10

The download for Mac is corrupted.

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When i try too use the ACTION command on all charactes (Exept some exeptions) the manu reset its selfs , is this a regular problem or that fuctions is no yet in the game ? 

They are not for all characters.

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How do i save in V0.1.3?

Sorry i meant V0.1.2.... But i figured it out..

Where can you get 0.1.3?

You can't :D

Is this game offline?


it's offline as in you don't need to be online to play it, big update is coming soon


UwU whats this game?

Deleted 8 days ago
Deleted 2 days ago

can someone give me a more detailed description of whats in the content pack?


I don't know what's the purpose of "Cinematic mode" but I think there should be a way to disable it. Please, there are players who have low end devices such as me, and the game keep crashing. In the Cinematic mode, I can't save and the scene was a minute long, so, before the scene end, the game crashes. So yes, I'm stuck at the forest with jimmy and some cute girl. I hope that you guys will take an action about this and not to encounter the same problem in the future updates.

Btw, the game is great and it makes me laugh. Keep it up! 


The cause of the crashes is because in v0.1.2 I made a mistake and consumes a lot of ram.

Try to optimize your ram with an external app to see if you can get troughtout the cinematic.

In v0.1.3, cinematics are more friendly with the user and you will be able to skip them! I'm sorry!

Yes, It's okay. But, I'm thankful that you guys did an action about this. Good job!!


When do you do the new update? My donation is still pending uwu


When someone still want to do the "Halloween Event", than just change your PC time to November/December, start game and enjoy.

like i think 😂. when i do it i think of myself as hacker for some reason 🤣

How do i lvl up sunny if there are no events left?

Sunny level 5 maximum for now

then how do you do the halloween event with her? She has to be lvl 6 and you need cupcakes


Where do you sell monster parts? Like Slime for example

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Question: How do I pull up the Girls deck on Android? 

2nd Question: Or for another matter: How does one put In cheat codes?

Thought you wanted to pull a girls dick

I was like wtf

Help. When Lucy is level 4, the prompts say "wait a bit". What should I do to get Lucy level 5?

it's been a bit since i played but i believe you need to level other girls to progress the story. the game has a sort of choke point system so the game can know you have seen certain events before moving onto new ones. so lucy can say refence luna in a event for lucy because it knows you have met her by now. so when you see "wait a bit" that's what it is.

pretty sure you just sleep then go outside your room or something. Dont click the map.

Okay, so I pretty much binged the entire Prologue when I got the game in like, a day?

The game is just amazing, I love the characters (Jimmy is amazing btw), the HH scenes are really nice as well (And so far the only ones I've seen with little personal names)

Really good game, I really enjoyed it

Can't wait for Chapter 1 to release!

Wow, I'm glad I caught the halloween event, and on the last possible day. Those scenes were fantastic. Especially the "feast".

You can always do the Halloween Event. 

Change Pc date and you can do it whenever you want.


amigo, soy de argentina, hablo ingles fluido y juego tu juego en ingles porque pensaba que eras ingles, pero quiero decirte que me siento muy orgulloso como argentino de saber que esta increible obra de arte es de industria nacional. mucha suerte con este proyecto y espero con ansias el nuevo capitulo

Hello, i  believe i have already commented about this before but will johnny play a larger role later on in the story? also this one of the best game ive played on itch.io aswell as the story and dialogue. oh and  another question i am curious is, will you be able to get different types of fish from fishing?

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How do I find all the clues? I got the ones from the fish and miner girl but that's it

Fara, Luna and Rebecca give you Clue you have to find them in Market. Rebecca Evening Fara Afternoon or Noon and Luna at night

I got those 3 but it's asking for 5 of them, I can't find the last 2

The granny is one of them, click on the "talk" button of her shop window.


Great game but got banned from the discord for some reason which is quite confusing when i never posted anything there.


There has been a new wave of scam posts on Discord. I have had several real life friend's accounts post the links in channels that I'm in.  I know for a fact at least one of them couldn't have done it, as he was sitting on my couch playing Halo with me when the message was posted. My best guess is some automated BS that finds accounts that are logged into discord and uses a script to force them to post without their permission.

Ah rip.

i Installed this game yesterday at around 20pm and started playing it around 21pm and played so far as i can (To the end of the Prologe) and i must say if i didn't play it halfheartly the first hours then i would have finished the Prologe much sooner and not at 9am, but i still had my fun with it (The Story and the Ecchi scenes ;) tho some scenes still frustrate me cause you can't choose what you want to do but still a fun Game. AND BE DAMMED ARI FOR DISTURBING MY TIME WITH TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this game dead?

No. Komisari is still working. He want to release completed Chapter 1 and he want to make it perfect, so this is why it is taking so much time.

Isn't this game several years old? How are we still on chapter 1? 



As soon as the version with the full Spanish comes out, I will go directly to my bank to deposit to donate a coffee for such a wonderful game, you can see the commitment and dedication in this work. I liked it a lot, it has a good story, humor, let's not forget the erotic touch but above all the gameplay, hand if you get to launch it in Spanish soon, I will take it to my Latin community so that this great game grows more and is recognized. CHEERS!


I came for boobies lewd stuff. What did I get? A pretty nice Storyline with nice HH Scenes. When I was done with everything I saw the "Finish the Prologue". I a mean like DAMN that is the longest Prologue I've ever played so far. And I liked every second of it. I hope the new Version comes out soon enough I cannot wait! I also hope the new Version is not finished within an hour! So let your time to sadisfy your Community! As soon as I get paid I will visit your Patreon! PS. I laughed hard when you overprized the "Headpat Jimmy" skill

Personally saying its one of best ren'py i have ever found. Its literally a ecchi anime and no joke. You should try it if you want a good story too with a pace of nsfw. Its perfect for me i can say, just completed prologue and i love it and cant wait for next storyyyy hypeee!!!


Personally, I didn't think I would like a game like this.  But I regret what I said.  The story, the drama, the love in the game, jimmy haha, I literally love everything about this game, all the characters everything .. I hope there will be a next patch, and if that happens, I won't be able to sit still with the excitement to play it. .  I really like your job, and even though I'm just a random on the internet, you made me the best week in a long time.  love you

I want to confirm before I get the content pack V2... It's additional action scenes for characters that were cut for the free version, right? I'm just not entirely sure what you meant by All Lewd Scenes and concepts.


jimmy is best girl

Will update 1.3 be free or do I have to pay? By the way, very good game, although I had problems with Spanish in 1.2 and it appears in English, I don't know why, keep it up.

Join the discord for more Informationen.

1.3 will be free but you can play it earlier than others when you become a Patreon

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This game is perfect in every way. The characters, the story everything is amazing to me. It's one of the most addicted game I have played. So much content I love every bit of it. I 100% recommend it. Thank you author for making this masterpiece


Thank you so so much! An update is coming!


I just got to Marie's quest where you have to build the canoe, but I can't find anywhere the logs. Can anyone help me? 






Downloaded for boobies, ended up fishing/questing the whole time. The amount of content in this game is superb, as there is always something to do and resources to gather. Overall a wonderful, addicting game and I can't wait for the next update!


Thank you so much! And in next version that will expand a lot ;)


What's the deal with the glitchy floating lady at the lake?


I don't know what are you talking about...


finaly took the time to play this game and i love it  right now i'm at the part were the fammily has reunited and i decided to stop there because  i want to wait till 1.3 is out  so i have even more content realy looking  forward to the new release  so here to a happy new year and hopefully  1.3 in early 2022


Hello! Thank you so much!

Please, I would suggest finishing the actual content. It doesn't suddenly end, there's a final scene!

i'm aware of that but i would feel sad knowing that 1.3 is close and i'd have to wait a bit before i can continue that storry i'd feel like i'll get more enjoyment if i wait a bit for 1.3 and do it all in one go

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This visual novel game is very good, the story is interesting, the game character designs look very nice and the mini-games are difficult yet unique, the only thing that i can complain about is the control mechanics as i am using a mac and if you accidentally scroll down it will make the game progress backwards and it is extremely annoying especially during the fishing mini-game as all the fish i collected gets reset, so it will be great if the next version added a disable button on options for it.


Hello! The scroll down is to rollback texts and etc. It is disabled to minigames in the next update!

How do you get the pumpkin cupcake? I mean like the all scenes part what does that mean I have enough silver and candies


how do i solve the mystery and face the thief?


If i remember exactly. you need to go to the ruin at Midnight and then, a scene will be played.

( Not sure exactly, try to explore =x )


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