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In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for surviving a powerful demon attack.

You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 228 animations, over 1900 images and there's a LOT more to come.

You want to play the last updates one or two weeks before public/free update?

Check out my PATREON

You can request custom animations/renders!

If you need help, you want to give your feedback, see sneak-peeks or just say hi, join the OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER


 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for surviving a powerful demon attack. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes



Remember: This update is NOT a CONTENT update. It’s a solid update ready to ADD content. v0.0.1 was the demo. This is technically the first version of the game!


This game is REWORKED! It will crash instantly!

First Game and Main Menu: 

  • You’ll now have an intro when you first enter the game. You’ll see this intro only 1 time. Doesn’t matter how many saved games you have.
  • The main menu was changed. Showing all 12 girls.
  • And a beautiful button for patreon added uwu
  • Added a confirmation screen whenever you try to exit the game. With links to patreon, discord, and itch.io.
  • Added a presplash


  • Reworked completely the prologue. Adding 2 new characters.
  • Removed the “Blur” effect from the prologue.
  • Added sounds and effects!


  • Now the game gives you a tutorial whenever you unlock something.

Black Gui and Clear Gui: 

  • You now have the option to use the clear guy or the black guy.
  • You can change this easily in the options menu.
  • BLACK GUI: A line cuts the screen, showing a white dialogue with the name of the character talking in the upper middle. All characters have white dialogue. This screen is shown in every scene.
  • CLEAR GUI: No line cuts the screen. No name is shown and the characters has color names representing the character himself. When a new character is on the event, it switches automatically to black gui.

The inventory system: 

  • No longer works just for quests
  • The inventory disappears automatically if another action is done
  • From 3 slots to 27.
  • Items now have name, description, type, and rarity.
  • You can now USE the item when clicking them.
  • The inventory sorts automatically according to type and rarity. It follows this order: Quests, Tools, Items(Legendary,Epic,Rare,Uncommon and Common)
  • Currency now appears in the inventory
  • Added animation and sound to the open/close inventory action
  • Added animation(popups) and sound when you get an item.
  • Added animation and sound when you get money.
  • Added sound when you use money.

The Quest System: 

  • Now every quest have is own background and icon!
  • You can see detailed information about what’s your actual objective, together with a description of what happens or what you need to do.
  • You can now see the rewards of that quest.
  • Quest in developments appears as “QUEST IN DEVELOPMENT” only when you reach the developed objective.
  • The quests don’t sort automatically, but you can disable/enable: Completed quests, locked quests, and quest in development.
  • Added a notification on the quest icon when you update a quest.
  • Added animations(pop-ups) and sounds when you discover a new quest, complete a quest and complete an objective.

The clock: 

  • The clock is completely new. You can see clearly what day is, what weekday, the time you’re actually (Morning,Noon,Etc.) with both a picture and text. You can lock/unlock the text clicking the picture.
  • Added a WATCH to pass time in the place. Hurray!


  • Changed completely where the arrows are.
  • When you’re inside the guild, a bedroom button appears. Teletransports you to your bedroom. Leaving your vital organs in disrepair 
  • When you’re in your bedroom, a Contract button appears. It teletransports you to the board. With the same miserable destiny.
  • GUILD MAP -> You can now buy a Guild Map from the Quintuplets to fast travel in the guild and access new zones!
  • Added a new zone: The Library, you can access it only if you have the guild map.

Map and zones: 

  • Changed map, it now has trees! ♥
  • Added a new explorable zone: Lake, you can fish there.
  • The old market was completely deleted.
  • Added a new market with 5 new zones inside. (For now, obviously)
  • Added a bar :)
  • Added a fishing post. You can sell the fish you get on the basket.


  • More easy and simple to understand.
  • You don’t receive the coins automatically every morning. They keep saved on the board. Go and claim it!
  • Lucy is not an Adventurer anymore.
  • Luna and Evie are the only ones capable of making contracts


  • You can fish to get money in the early game.
  • You can sell the fish on the market.
  • Yes. You can skip that 4 seconds sequence if you hold CTRL while clicking the rod. You’re welcome

Girls system and cards:

  • Now every girl has levels! Starting at level 0! Every level is one event.
  • Affection is the same as EXP. You need affection to level up the girls. You can get affection passing time with them.
  • When you reach the necessary affection, you need to wait one day to unlock THE TIP and being able to see the event and level the girl.
  • Added animation and sounds when you meet girls! It is like catching pokemon, but with waifus.
  • Added animation(popup) and sounds when you level up a character.
  • Now scenes that implies multiple characters give you affection. For example, In an event when you level up Shino, you get affection with Fara.
  • Cards suffered a complete and beautiful rework. Completely animated cards with some info about the character, a circular bar of exp, and two new options;
  • You can activate Quick View from a girl's cards to see her progress in the top right corner of the screen. If you touch that icon, the card of the girl opens.
  • You can add girls to favorites. The girls in favorite will be on top of the Quick View and the Cards List
  • It’s easy af to get affection. For now.

- Changed Evie's dialogue size from 25 to 30. (Normal characters have 33)

- Changed Shino’s color name to represent her hair, not her clothes.

- Added the “Kami” Character. Represents the developer and tells you whenever one zone or feature is being “built”!

- Added some new characters that will join the Harem :)


  • Ari and Leticia were completely reworked.
  • Elizabeth had some small changes.
  • Sunny was disabled in this version due to a big change to her. She looked a lot like Zara, from Azur Lane. She’ll be available in the next updates.
  • Maria, Narissa, Leticia, Ari, and Elizabeth are not available due to lack of time and problems in pc performance. I’ll buy a pc really soon. They will be available soon.
  • Disabled future events of Fara-Luna and Evie-Lucy. They will be back when needed in the future! No more future events!
  • Evie only can join the guild and work.
  • Lucy Max Lvl = 3
  • Rebecca Max Lvl = 3
  • Fara Max Lvl = 5
  • Luna Max Lvl = 4

ADDED SPANISH LANGUAGE. It's in beta. So it has some bugs.


Changelog v0.1.0 BETA -> v0.1.0 BETA 1x

  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Fixed the map bug when you're in *Bicycle Parking* and *The Bar*.
  • Fixed Rebecca's "Talk" option crash.
  • Fixed the crash when you open Sunny's Quest
  • Fixed the crash when you try to enter Rebecca's room after finding Jimmy.
  • Now you can't fish while the map is open.


  • Translated correctly most of the game, except the map icons.
  • Fixed all(or most) typos error.
  • When you use an item, the popup appears in spanish now.


  • You can open/close the inventory with the "E" key.
  • If you have a fishing rod while having the inventory opened, you can use it with the " 1 " key.
  • Added a little mouse icon in the Guild Map which shows that it can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.

Changelog v0.1.0 BETA 1x -> v0.1.0 PRE-RELEASE

  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Fixed a bug where the board rewards per contract were at the same position when you take one contract. They now display correctly
  • Fixed a bug when you click the contract icon in the bedroom. No “Rooms” zone event activates! Now even you teleport yourself to the board, if a event is available in the ladder, it will happen.
  • Fixed the Quest 10, now it should unlock properly.
  • Changed the game menu style background.
  • In the prologue, you can now access the map while in the back of the house. Some people were confused about it.
  • Changed ALL screens and GUI to the game to make it easy to translate! ♥


  • Added the archer contract.
  • Added mouse style. (An option to disable this will be implemented in the future)


  • Added a new gallery.
  • You can’t access the gallery from the main menu, it has to be from a save.
  • You see all the replay options. If they are locked, they will be blurred.
  • You can sort that replay scenes using the girl’s menu below.
  • Optimized so users that played the BETA will get their scenes unlocked automatically.

Changelog v0.1.0 PRE-RELEASE -> v0.1.0 PUBLIC

  • Tweaked some writing errors.
  • Rebecca and Shino name now are displayed correctly.
  • Now is more clearly when there’s no content left.
  • Changed the game icon for something more… God Like.


  • Changed card background.


  • Changed card background.


  • Changed card thumbnail and color name.
  • Changed card background.


  • Changed card thumbnail.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.0 #Build 1 for Windows/Linux 1 GB
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.0 #Build 1 for Mac 1 GB
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.0 #Build 1 For Android! (By 0011) 324 MB

Development log


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I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
Where is the update of this beautiful game????

Hello! The update is already in patreon!
But itch.io doesn't let me upload more than 4GB. So I've requested more extra space. It should be in some hours, I'm sorry :(


it's A Really Nice Game and the one who should get more attention, I'm keeping a close attention on my favorite games Including this One.

Would Really love the story update for my favorite characters Lucy and Evie, Especially Lucy, she is the best One.

Thank you!

The Public Update will arrive June 13th. Almost all girls have lots of story updates!

Nice game and i really liked the story and i cant wait this game finish

I hope u update lucy scenes lvl10 


In next update, almost everyone will receive lvl 10!

The first time I started the game is the first time i get to the end.
This means that I stayed IDK how hours on my chair playing this game month ago and after that every week I check if there is new update.
Thanks for the hard work and for the beautiful animations!
The story is UwU and I can't wait for the next update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thankkks a loot! ♥

The next update will arrive May 30th!

(1 edit)

In the Fara affection route, i don't get what "have the tradition with her" means?

Other than that, great game and very promising, one of the very few game that suceeded on making me laugh for real

Hello! I'm sorry about that, in the next update this is changed and more easy to understand.

By "I need to have the tradition with her" means you need to wait until wednesday, twice!

And just to be clear, there's no routes in this game. You'll be able to get all scenes with girls as long as you keep levelling them.

(2 edits)

so you say an update will come soon right?can i update my game by extracting the new version to the old version on the folder where i extracted the old one...just askin cause im afraid i need to start a new game for the new version like all my progress will be lost >_<

Never extract on the same folder! Enter the v0.1.0 folder, enter "game" folder inside it, and put the "saves" folder in somewhere safe.

And you can safely delete the v0.1.0.

Whenever you download the new update (v0.1.1), unzip it, and drop your "saves" folder inside the "game" folder!
(Btw, even if you don't do this, I think your saves are saved automatically. But one never knows.)

You'll progress will never be lost!

Love the game cant wait for the next update, the game is well done and appreciate the the effort put in by the dev I've noticed I'm alot picky about what I play nowadays and this game feels better to play then most console and PC AAA-list games keep up the good work 11/5

Heyyy thank youuu! <3 I'll release an update soon.

i just want to say that this as a grate game even if it didn't have sex in it it is funny well inspired and i'm really looking forward for future updates just thought you needed to hear that even if its from someone who is broke

Thanks man! <3

no prob : )

I haven't installed it yet but why is the android download way lighter than mac windows and linux?

It's compressed!

This could become something really cool. For now there's not a lot to do, and the story and options are pretty limited, however you can tell a ton of hard work is being put into this game, and soon its going to be really awsome!

Thanks! In some days the game will get updated <3

(1 edit)

Excellent game I loved it. Waiting for the update and can we get data a room in 0.1.0

Excellent game very good the truth, apart from the NSFW is a great game and I would like to support it, but the money does not fall from the trees :v

PS: Long Live Jimmy  :v

Thank you <3

Very good game.

Thanks <3

I really liked this game even without the NSFW it was nice to see the characters interacting with each other, 5/5 another people already said it but im going to repeat, it has a masive potential, im looking forward for the another update of the game

PD: I love Jimmy

PD2: Yes, i created this account just to comment 

Thank you man! I'll drop the update in some days :P


Игра довольно интересная, с юморком и прикольными квестами. Но очень сырая и чтобы дойти до того, ради чего мы все здесь собрались, нужно час тыкаться и вникать, а что же делать.
Смутило ещё то, что на картинках очень низкие текстуры.

В остальном я жду прогресса, пока игра понравилась.

I randomly stumbled upon this game, and I was pleastly suprised to find myself want to interact with the characters rather than skipping to the NSFW content. This game has a masive potential, that I really hope the developer will go towards. Furthermore, it is amazing how smooth the game runs on outdated hardware.

P.S: hope ya'll doing great during the pandemic

Thank you <3

The next update will come in some days!

When can we expect another update of this awesome game? 

in some days. Probably before next month if nothing happens!

Is there any way to download the ost? I love it.

Superb writing. Some of the grammer issues confused me from time to time, along with minor typos, but the most important thing you nailed: Character interaction. In the first few minutes of playing this game, I expected some pretty generic stuff and was just gonna skip through it straight to the porn. But the interaction with Maria and the reaction to the Fist of the North Star chicken was superb. I cackled like a madman when Elizabeth and the Protagonist were about to kiss and defaulted to the OK hand gesture when caught, but Ari's reaction played off of it perfectly, not trying overly hard to convince me its funny, but instead letting the joke itself do the work rather than the explanation. Thats just the opening sequence to boot. Long story short, you made exploring every dialogue option a treat, and that significantly increased the time I sunk into the game as well as how much I enjoyed it. Hope the feedback helps, and keep up the good work!

Thanksss! Feedback like this really raises my mood!
The update will drop in some days, I hope you to play it!


Thanks uwu


damn this game looks so good and promising...even tho you're just a single developer you are doing a really good job (>_<)


Thanks <3

Too long for 1 update. I hope this update can play more than 3 hours. :D
(2 edits) (+2)

Hello, I'm a single developer who is putting the heart in this.

The next update will have a shops system, a fishing system, a mining system, the market changed a lot, with a completely new zone that I had to design for scratch, I redesign the beach completely, made 3 more locations, added 7 New Girls that you'll be able to level up, more than 40 events and almost 8 new characters that 5 of them will be new girls in the future.
And a lot more stuff that you'll see in the changelog!

I don't know if you will reach 3 hours, but I'm trying my best to bring a good game to everyone, even if just adds 1 hour of gameplay.

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah we know how hard working single developers are, so keep up your good work and stay healthy! ^^

Ah, and thanks for your work ^^

I mean nothing else. I'm just excited for a masterpiece. So keep up your good work and stay healthy. Thank fors anything your work xD

When do you think that you will be finished with the game?

The game will take years to finish. But I'll be in constant update! The next update will be probably this month.

hello,I was wondering if you need special license to use all the koikatsu models in your game?  I liked your project and thinking of making a game with koikatsu model as well(SFW games)

 Please reply and thank you.

Hello. I think as long as you modify everything to consider it fair use you will be okay.

(2 edits)

by fair use,you mean like making the game free to play?

If you don’t mind me asking,how come you got so many patrons? Is it because you’re advertising your game in many places?

I saw your patreon page and $2000 a month can be considered sucessful, although it’s made with koikatsu the amount of effort you put into this game is amazing,and I admire that.

It would mean a lot to me if you can give me a little bit of insight and tips how you advertise the game,I might become your patron as well. Thank you.

Hahaha don't worry, you don't need too!
And thanks!

Look into google the meaning of "Fair Use", in short, Fair Use means that you are using another product but highly modified for you to be able to monetize it.

I really didn't do that much, I've just uploaded the game on itch.io, gamejolt, f95 and fap-nation I think. I made a discord too.

Great game and really good looking UI! Can't wait for more content :)

(1 edit)

Yeah, I'm really impressed with the ui. I feel like a lot of similar games don't focus enough on that. 

That said, I hope that content starts to become a priority now that the ui is so polished. I like what I've seen so far, but I want moar

Keep up the good work! 

Thank you! To both of you. Right now the contents is being priority.

(3 edits)

Really enjoyed the game! Thanks for making this! :D Hopefully to see more updates soon!!

love the game especially when you meet the quintuplets damn you Jimmy. Keep up the good work :3

Thanks <3

Just downloaded, got to the guild and literally can't find a single person in the town.  Either game is bugging or got a bad DL but I can't progress.  Suggestions?

Try increasing Lucys level, 
In fact if you dont know what to do next, just level up your guild members. I'm not sure, but it felt like some progression only happens after a guild member hit a certain level.

Ahhh okay, that sounds like a good plan.  Appreciate your help 😁

how to find this "jiro" on the pink-haired girl quest?

Follow the other quest! The "Where's Jimmy" one.

This game is really fun! Im really looking forward of the development of this game: )

(1 edit)

I really enjoy your game! just made an account to say that. Also I have a problem with the map I bought from the quintuplets. I bought the map as soon as the quintuplets were unlocked and now i can't progress the nurse's story because cant seem to use the map (its not in my inventory).  I am using the android version. 

Enter the guild, you will see the map below!

(1 edit)

Awesome game, I love it. Looking forward to next update.

One thing though. I'm playing on Android and lost my saves first time, because game stores them in a non-standard path and my cleaner app deleted the folder.

Edit: Oh, it's unofficial port, didn't notice that.

Yeah, the guy that made the port saves the save files in another folder. I don't remember where :(
And thank you! I'm working right now on the next update.

Right now I'm totally focus on new content for the game, then I'll make an official port to android.

Hey on Android the saves are here:

Internal storage/Android/data/0011/Org.HerosHaremGuild.0011

He put them there to persist version to version even on uninstall. 

I loved this game alot and I especially made an account here just to ask when the update is coming can you tell me the ETA , I can't wait for the next update °^°. 

Thanks for reading.

Hello! Thank you!

Right now I'm working on the update. There's no ETA.

It's a big update, so I'll probably be next month.

cant wait till the game is finished, lucy ended early sadly

<3 I'm working on the next update right now! And Lucy will have lots of events!

(2 edits)

Best Pre released sim game ever! 

Edit: (dating sim ever)

I love how it's like an RPG and the graphics are great (:(lagging) buy hey  overall it isnt so bad..

Keep it up can't wait for the next update!

How can I build room for Fara? Isn't it available yet

I think it's not. I still have 5 quests unfulfilled (1 of those not even started), but I don't know if I'm done. I can't find anything else to do though. I know from his post that I have max level for all the girls, though. 

Hiii I created an Acc.  Just to drop a comment hehe love this game superb

Got a question though, how far can you get the events on lucy?

Thank you! ♥

The maximum level of Lucy is 3.

nooooo 😂😂haha man cant wait for the update. 

Please release the update very soon 🙇.

Goodluck and more power to your chanel🙌👏

(1 edit)

I absolutely love jimmy, if I can play a jimmy route i would

Also when's the next update? the game seriously NEEDS more content 

The lewd scenes aren't the best, but except for that the game has a perfect rpg system. Keep up dude :)

edit: any hints on what's coming up?

Hello, thank you! I'm working hard on the next update! I'm aware that this game needs more content.
I post regularly on Patreon about new updates, but you'll have plenty of sneak peeks and images on discord. Please, visit those sites.

Oh, I will! Thanks for your hardwork, I can see this game being huge in the future and I look forward to it

Can you change the look of your character? If not, would a skin colour option be possible in the future?

Hello, it's not possible to do that, I'm sorry :(

(1 edit)

hola muy bueno el juego y te copas tanto con la historia y lo comico q la parte xxx no se le hace necesario por lo menos para mi (solo es mi opinion) segui asi q esta buenisimo el juego qedas con ganas se seguir jugando al tope

Gracias! <3
Ahora mismo estoy trabajando en actualizaciones!

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