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 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for accidentally surviving a powerful demon. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train, and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 460+ animations, over 5500+ images and there's a LOT more to come. 


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Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Windows/Linux 9 GB
Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Mac 9 GB
Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Android 1 GB
Version 0.1.2
Hero's Harem Guild Content Pack V2! (All lewd scenes, removed scenes, concepts, 1 GB
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Is there a way for me to have the card models to play in koikatsu party, just asking.

Atleast release it

how does invest work? just finished the game but I wasn't able to use it, also is there a way to help with translations? the ones in Spanish were pretty mixed with English 


i can't find luna at night in the market


She should be on the left on top of one of the houses.


they do not update this enough to support. its like every six months


do you know how hard it is to make a game?

you shouldn't complain about the little bits we do get

Idk man you got corrupted kingdoms and champion of realms which is just as big game both with more stuff then this game that get updated every week to 2 weeks and this game has been more then a year just for one update


 Hello, whenever my update comes, please, compare how much events and content got the other games over a year compared to mine. Thank you.

Komi does general drop massive updates, dude. Calm yer tits.

Why cant i select the action menu in android it just change the girl mood

Only certain girls have actions!

AND when they are going to release the last update


I cant catch my last dish

for the life of me I cannot find all the clues.  I did all the little quests in the market, went to the lake, and the ruins.  nothing.  help meee 

Try Luna at night and Rebecca in the evening

thanks.  I did the luna one but its showing only 4 out of 5?  I had already talked to Rebecc

will you release a large chunk at a time or will it be pieces

Large chunk at a time

sweet thank you


ok 9 gb this game better take months of my life away of play time

I want to report an error: 

My game crashed (luckily directly after auto-saving) when I clicked the map-icon in the top right while having the guild map open. It coul've been because of my pc's low quality, but I think you should probably look into that.

are there any plans to make 64bit version of the game?

i feel quite dumb but this game just as others i cant seem to open, everytime i run the .exe it shows this error, what can i do?

when's the next update?

Hello! There's no ETA, yet.

(1 edit)

Hello , I plan to buying content pack soon. How to install it on Android platform without lost the save ?

Hello! There's no way to install content pack. It's just a .rar with a collection of videos and images.

Are there any plans to add sound to sex scenes? 

Not yet!


Really enjoying the game so far, it's very cute.  If the developer is taking suggestions, I would like to ask that they discontinue the use of "retard".  It makes me really dislike the characters who use it, and it's kind of a bummer.

(1 edit) (+3)

Yes. In v0.1.3 I removed almost all curses, and only leave it to characters with that kind of attitude. "Retard" was completely removed.


Thank you!  I appreciate you.


6 warranted dislikes


Gotta love pussies like you

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can't use old 0.1.1 save file, is there any way to update the file?

You can't use v0.1.1 save, sorry

why i have maxed my relationship level but i still cant pass the quest,sleep cant pass the quest

u need to wait next update

Trying to play the android version, but it installs as a .bin file and not a .apk. How do I open it/convert it?


Các bác sĩ cho biết thêm:

how to open the last scene of lucy (love guild member)

How can I unlock all the rooms in the guild?

Will you be adding more events for all the girls or no?

werid that it took me  4 hours to complete all the events

How can I catct 1 silver coin fish I already have different kinds of hook but still I  can't catch

i dont know how to get small logs plx hel

Buy them from granny

someone show me the last side quest, I don't know how to face the thief.

Go to the ruins at midnight

Bug report for Linux:

Missing video(?) file (.webp), when you first talk to pink-haired girl at the town steps. Refer to pastebin:  https://pastebin.com/WUfFPy76

有没有攻略  万圣节事件怎么触发呀

I feel stupid for this question but... how do you open the game..

When you open up the folder, there should be a .exe file that, when you open it, brings up a prompt to extract the files. Extract them to a folder anywhere that you've created exclusively to house the game. Once it's done extracting, open that folder and open the .exe file.


Hardly in the minority when I say I adore this game so far. Had a lot of moments that made me smile, and the story so far is engaging. The downside is the relatively slow production rate, but if I'm not mistaken, the author is the only one working on it, and for a game of this size and polish, it's understandable that progress is slow. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to seeing the conclusion some day!


when is more of best girl sunny events coming?

Anyone wondering if Komisari just forgot about the game or it's because they are busy doing something else?

I believe the new version will come out in a couple months


I'm still working on the game!

Komisari, just posted a bug report above <3

Hey,when will New update arrive?can't wait pls give me the month or date

(1 edit) (+1)

i feel very dumb, but i cannot seem to find small logs, please help



I am currently trying to level my progress to 5 with all the girls, but seem to be stuck.  there are no new prompts or talks or anything like that.  help?

Basically just spend time with them.  Each repeated event gets you a few points to the next level.

Just spend time with them and it doesn't hurt to unlock head pats either 


Holy Headpat is the best upgrade. The occasional bro moment with Jimmy is awesome. Get the bro a girlfriend.

This game is the best 

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