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 In Hero's Harem Guild you're a simple poor guy who becomes a community hero for accidentally surviving a powerful demon. You'll lead a Guild full of beautiful adventurers willing to work, train, and fight for you. Upgrade the Guild, repair the town, seek new members, build relationships with those that already are and complete quests in this RPG-themed world to unlock fully animated and uncensored lewd scenes. It comes with 460+ animations, over 5500+ images and there's a LOT
more to come. 


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Version 1
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Why in the descriptions have spanish but not in game 




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Over a year since last update. Yikes. Three possibilities, A. Hes got a big ass update planned, B. Hes lazy, or C. Discontinued

Komisari has something big planned, they are making progress on a lot of things like re-orginizing the events. if you want to follow their progress then look at their trello: https://trello.com/b/zeKmNymf/chapter-1-part-1


A and B

I vibe with this so hard.

i mean at least you're honest xD looking forward to the update

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He's getting feed with tons of dollars monthly with patreons, once he people get tired and drop the patreon he'll just launch the new update to farm more money, simple as that, 1 year of development without having to work besides the game is like 5x time the amount of content of the actual game.

"... without having to work besides the game is like 5x time the amount of content of the actual game."

The actual game, with no improvements, yes. Hehe ;D


My pp ben blooding since i played it last night. Good gam(:


How do you transfer the old version saves to a new version

just download the new version ant it should work. If not you can transfer the database 



Man, I want the EV notepad... Imagine.


peepoCool Discord Sticker - Discord Emoji

ARe you still planning on continuing the game? it has been a bit since any news or announcements have been made. I loved playing the game and want to see it finished. best wishes



Giga chads who still waiting for a year

Ive been waiting since 2020 ;p

O-O super giga chad is real!!



Sorry if I sound skeptical or dumb but has the game been in v0.1 in the last 4 years? Is it really still in development considering the last update was a year ago?

I'm curious to try this game but can someone let me know how much playtime or content there is for its latest released version.

There’s a lot of content, and I would argue it’s among the best content on this site. Definitely try this game :) The updates are few and far between, but there’s a lot of it in there.


Yep. The game has been in v0.1. But please, try it. There's a lot.

As far as playtime goes, its fairly large. Depends on how efficient you are honestly, since many things throughout require either specific items or just a ton of different items. On average though, there is maybe around 100-200 hours worth of different things to do possibly more. And the update is being done by 1 dude, so everything is slow, but worth the wait.

100-200 hours? What? XD

It's just 8/10 hours.

oh lol. I spent way more than 8-10 looool

It could be 1000+ hours depending on how slow the person is and how many times they repeat all the hscenes, or forge lol

Can anyone tell me how the cheat code works and I don't know how to do it?

Will this get more updates?



absolutly loved it, nice charakter design, nice scenes, the plots are cool, lots of humor and THANKS FOR LETTING ME HEADPAT JIMMY. praise the sun

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I am unable to inquire in Discord because the Supported prompt in its Rule keeps saying "interaction failed

Please, tell me your username and I'll grant you the role manually.



I gave you the roles!


thank you!



So i dont know if i got the message for the Christmas stuff when it tells you about it or smt but i kinda forgot
So does it take place before chapter 1? doing chapter 1 or after chapter 1?

How do you enter cheat mode again?


I'm sure Komisari has some stock options in a mouse company.

I'm destroying mine everytime i fish.

I might be able to start some fire thanks to the frictions.

Time to invest in mouse pads too.


Everytime somebody breaks a mouse playing the fishing minigame, another year is added to Komisari's lifespan, and he gets more powerful.

how do I get all the min christmas hats ive done all the questions and scenes but i am missing one out of the 13 hats???

When is Chinese available?

My apk keeps crashing/closing the game, is there a way to resolve this issue?

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how can i get the animation ¨GUILD MEMBER´S LOVE¨ ?? 

Buy the Lucy guild outfit


update is coming later this year not abandoned


Says the great almighty Komisari himself???????

you’d think he’d develop a bit of a conscience, but that remains to be seen later this year🐸


guess this game was abandoned :(


update is coming later this year not abandone




Trust me my dude, the project is still going. Let this man cook as he is a one man army. It will come, but not before its ready, unlike most games

Me gusta mucho el juego tiene momentos tristes y felices esta muy bueno 



Every week I visit this page in the hope that a sequel will be released, it has already become a ritual. The game is cool, I'm waiting for it to continue!!
P.s. Lucy is the best (ง •_•)ง

well, she is adorable NGL



When the next  update will be released  I wish the won't be so long 

hes deving the game himself it will be out later this year they said updates now will take at least i think half a year for each chapter and they are like multiple hours worth of content with new animations and art style and mini games like the christmas event happens later in the story but we got it early


stupid question is there a way for me to play the christmas scenes despite it being may

Deleted 20 days ago

You can play it. Just finish the prologue.

hehehehe new koikatsu?

Is the game finished?



I like that part when Kiuta took out his squares and said "it's squaring time!"



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after completing the Christmas event. When fishing, there's always candy. this is very disturbing. could you please remove the candy while fishing?

Will the project support Chinese in the future?

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How can I transfer progress from version 1.2 to the new version?(I downloaded the previous version of the game, or rather 1.2, with a Russian translator)


On the page it says that the game is in Spanish, but when I download it I don't see the way to put it in Spanish like I put it in Spanish?


How do i update the game version? Mine says 1.2

Your version should ve v0.1.2.3b. Download the game again.

Pardon the silly question lads, but where do I aquire the Shilny? I've looked everywhere along the lakes and fished and forged for hours and I am just so charmingly befuddled.

Look at the lake, in the water, there are some green plants over the shore. The Shilny are blue flowers.


So when's the next update???

 I heard in the Discord server that they're shooting for sometime this year. There's going to be a major version skip with the next update, so it's taking quite a while to polish everything up for release as they'll be releasing Chapter 1 (v0.2.0)


First time I download this I directly deleted it but when i download it again and Played it oh my god I swear I'm seeing heaven in my phone

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