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Hello, good morning!

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Since the last post, I haven't wanted to do any other posts until the update. But a lot of time has passed, more than I predicted. So, I was morally forced to do other posts, even if I have to show some stuff and say what I've already said and will ever say; I'm still working on the update, and the update will come out.

The game won't be abandoned, the game won't stop development.

Saying that I'm "Morally Forced" to do a post sounds horrible, to be honest, but it's the words I can use to project what I'm trying to say xD.

I have said that I will stop doing wallpapers, requests and etc., to have more time to do the game and release it as fast as possible. And I wanted to keep the Patreon page as clean as possible because I didn't want to make a Patreon post every month or so only to say, "Hey, I'm working on the game!" again and again and again. I want this Patreon page to be as clean as possible and not over-saturate it with posts that are basically unreachable for the normal user, even though I, who use Patreon, have a hard time finding specific posts or something from other creators.

I'm "morally forced" to do these posts because you guys deserve an update, and even though my stubborn head wants to have as few posts as possible, it was time to do something like this again.

There isn't much to say other than "I'm working on the update" and show some images. Although I warn you, this time, there will not be any lewd sneak peek or many images about the girls or characters that you know the most. I want to give a little importance to all the new characters that are going to join the game, and that will have a very important role in the story. Do not think that just because of this, the update will not have content for your favorite girls, you will have lots of content for them... LOTS. And I know some don't care about this, but I've taken special caution on making the girls evolve from the end of the prologue to the end of Chapter 1. I hope you enjoy this evolution too.

It can be good to see... other "facets" of the characters.

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I also realized that I lied to you; I'm not just "morally forced" to post this. There is also another reason this post is being... well... posted, and I'm too lazy to scroll to the top of the post and change it, so Imma just do it here;

I will have eye surgery on October 17th. That's why I wanted to post this one or two days before so I can spend the post-surgery days answering questions and etc., with the phone.

STOP. Before you think I'm using this as an excuse to mysteriously get permanently blind and escape to Mexico with the Patreon money, it's not as serious as it sounds.

It's keratoconus, I have realized I have it extremely early, and with just a "crosslinking" surgery, which is almost done in an hour, the keratoconus stops progressing, and I can continue my life. I will just have a week or so of rest from the computer. The doctors take it as nothing serious, so everything is okay, I want to think.

While writing this, I have realized that If I post this October 16th and go to the surgery, I won't be able to read the comments and answer stuff for AT LEAST a day. I'm an idiot, so yeah, I will post this on October 15th. I will use October 16th to answer stuff, chat with people and relax a little bit from work.

I have seen some confusion with some people, saying that HHG has/will have just one Chapter, and the game has been out since 2019.

This is literally true, but I believe they are not taking into consideration some stuff.

First, I was completely, absolutely, and stupidly new to coding or game development. I didn't know how stuff like cameras, shaders, lightning, or simple stuff like how Renpy worked. I had to learn all the way through the present. Believe it or not, that's a lot of time that, for you, is wasted. For me, it's a gift.

Second, Hero's Harem Guild will have only three chapters. Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. The prologue is done, and Chapter 1 will be done soon. We are halfway finishing the game.

How do I plan to handle the next updates?

I'm tired of repeating this, but I do not like the way the development is being treated right now. By me, btw. I do not like this "Yeah; I will just make people wait two years and drop a nuke!!! Yeah! What a freaking good idea!" way of work.

It may be a good idea for new players, and sheesh, it will freaking be a good idea. But for players who like to follow the game, the wait it's horrible. People who are constantly waiting for the update get tired, I get it, and they end up stopping following the game or losing interest. I just hope that those fans of HHG that lost interest at least try the update when it releases. I mean, they will try the update. I just hope they like it.

So, for Chapter 2, I will try for the game to have some sort of... anime episodes. Chapter 1 has a dramatic start, the same with the final. If you split Chapter 1 and deliver it without the final, it loses a lot.  But I already started working like this, and my stubborn head won't change it, so;

For Chapter 2, I will release an update every 6 months, approx. I will focus the story more so that it ends well at a specific and close point and not far away, like chapter 1. But I still need lots of time to maintain the quality. So I guess 5/6/7 months it's okay enough to keep the hype of the people rising and discussions about the game alive.

"What were you doing all these months that you didn't post any information about the update? I thought you were dead!"

I'm constantly online on pages like Twitter or Discord. Also, on forums like itch.io and... others. Even if there was almost no news here, I'm always answering stuff, and posting sneak peeks on these pages. So, please, if you want to follow the development of the game at all times or even ask me anything you want, do it on any of those pages. Mainly on Twitter and Discord tho.

I think some people also realized that I have this page basically the same that two years ago. I don't want to update it until the update arrives. Whenever I announce the update, I will modify everything, that includes some tiers and rewards. Most people will have all the same benefits, but I will probably make the character requests WAY more expensive.

People expect the requests to have the same quality that Chapter 1 has. And that takes a hell of a lot of time.

I will also probably add a new highest tier for animations and change all the tags of the posts. Leaving the "Download" ones on top and accessible. But worry not; the cheat codes, beta, pre-release and etc. will remain the same!

via RedGIFs
via RedGIFs

Also, people, please don't forget that the update will not only contain events and story stuff. It contains LOTS of new systems and stuff to do in the game.

From a board in the market center where you have to deliver specific stuff for extra money and affection to a dungeon where you have to explore to progress the story and gather rare materials.

Cooking, Gifts, Requests, Dungeons, lots of new zones to forage, fish and mine, lots of upgrades to the guild board, a guild chest to store items, etc are just a couple of them.

And also, some changes and fixes like, for example, now the "action" button doesn't appear if there is no action, you can infinitely send girls to the guild board to work and gather materials for the guild chest, better stats (example; see the total strength you will have when hovering a fishing rod, and what changes it). You now have to equip accessories, and removed the confusing stuff like the "Trust" and "Knowledge" stats. Now it's just affection. You can now recruit people like Maria to work for the guild, the cutscenes are now way better, and a long list of changes that you will see whenever the changelog is posted.

Edit; Oh, and also LOTS of lewd content and H-Scenes. Do not forget that.

"When update?"

I wanted to post the new update the same day HHG updated last time or, on the anniversary, but I find it hard to achieve. 

The ETA is the end of this year or starting of the new one.

Hero's Harem Guild Chapter 1 will be called "The Star Of Valirya". It's the equivalent of a "Training Arc.", so prepare yourself to see all the waifus train and dramatically punch people.

And for you, the one that thinks that Hero's Harem Guild has a story where the MC is a pussy, and the girls will always defend him.

Prepare to dramatically punch some people

EDIT: Oh, also, remember that after October 31st, the Halloween Event will trigger in HHG v0.1.2 (The Public Version). I won't make a patreon post; I will do it on Twitter and discord. So if you want some extra content and scenes, make sure to see them.

PD: I'm so sorry about the format of this post and the way of doing it. I had the surgery, and it has been successful, but I'm basically blind xD

Thank you so much for your patience.
It'll be worth it.

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I just want more Jimmy. As thats my first name and j feel a spiritual connection with that weird little shit. I even went back to play on my birthday and spent it with Jimmy. Hes just the best i dont know how to explain it. Im so hyped for more of this and especially more Jimmy.

It lives!


long update times means you care about a project and are doing your best


For what it's worth, I don't mind the long time between updates! The game's quality is quite high, and I know that takes a while, and that monolithic development is easier in some cases. I just bookmark the game, add it to a collection so I don't loose the link, then check back in every 6-8 months to see what's new, and that works just fine for me.

Very excited for the next update, and when it drops, I will have a blast with it! But that doesn't mean I want you to feel like you need to drop it sooner, or post more frequent updates. Quality takes time, after all.

Hope your eye surgery went well, and that things are going well for you in general!


just keep up the work man people are patient and i am waiting for next update :)

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Hey I just wanna say that this game has been really fun, the story is amazing as well as character development. Hope you get better soon, send you the best of luck and I hope to see this game of yours grow into something spectacular!!!!

p.s: One thing i do have to say that i find strange and/or weird is the way the main character looks, now I do not judge on how the art is supposed to me, that is up to your preference and choice, however in my opinion the main characters model (specifically around his top half) looks really strange along with the hair style, neck length as well as head size. other then that i find the game entertaining and interesting.       

Olá, eu sou um grande fã brasileiro seu, acompanho o desenvolvimento do seu jogo ansiosamente, um único desejo meu é que traduza para Português Brasileiro ou para o  Português de Portugal, Hehe, abraços.

Pode ser difícil o Komisari traduzir ele mesmo, já que duvido que ele sabe português.

Mas um fã poderia criar uma tradução com a permissão dele, só não posso fazer isso eu mesmo pq n tenho ideia de como fazer kkkkkkk


At this point i don't even care how long it will take I just want the update to happen.


It's looking to be pretty badass, dude. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!


Oh, you're alive.  Neat!

Keep being alive, dude.

I'm looking forward to dramatically punching people.  And Jimmy.  And fish.

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Good luck


This is definitely one of my favorite games ever since I came across it and, although I hate the long waiting time between updates, I have faith that they'll be worth it. Awesome job!


for me even waiting a year for an update is acceptable if new content is worth the wait but im so impatient i hate waiting longer then a month

that said the games great and i never expected quick timely updates...


Im sooo exited for this update lol. I just hope I don't expect what's coming if that makes sense. I liked HHG because it never went the way I expected it to. And take as much time as you need to make the update perfect in your image. I at least, along with many others wi continue to wait patiently


Hope your eye/s heal perfectly. Honestly about a yr & a half ago I never knew this stuff existed; my first intro was Corrupted Kingdoms. It has a ton of great & original story-line. I like how choices you make change the story & how people can perceive / react to you afterwards. It's animation is smoother but more sparce & feels both less polished & less epic during those important moments... It's got fantastic humor/ one liners- (I think my favorite is when Morrigan tells Pixie that Google is a giant spider that catches & eats Internet Explorers in it's chrome web & once even ate the legendary Firefox during a Safari lol.) That said, it doesn't have as in-depth character development for the non-main characters & somewhat less interaction. However yours has loads of little niceties like buying / selling / fishing / mining & it's not just for a cash grab or the grind either. So just like with that game it's obvious that you put your soul into it- take all the time you need! 'Cause even if i croak before you finish It'll have been worth it for the time & experience you took the time to create. In the meantime; I'll listen to Ironmouse sing, & get lost in another beautiful fantasy world...

Apologies to Komisari for the off-topic post here.

Circuit13, I spotted from your recent review of one of my games that you're having trouble with running a newer version/on a newer system. If you could get in touch, I'd love to help you out (there's an FAQ with contact details on the game page). Reviews aren't a great place to report technical issues - it's only by chance that I even saw it.


I hope everything is ok. I've always understood that HHG was meant to take as long as needed to be as best as it can be, and that the whole thing was a great learning experience for you, alot of people wont see it that way or understand, let them think what they want. I've been eager for chapter 1 since the day i finished prologue, and I dont care how much longer it takes I know it'll be worth it in the end. HHG is still my favorite vn of all time, it was one of the first vn's i played and, in my opinion anyway, is still one of the best ive played so far <3


The hype I get by just reading this is immeasurable. I'm excited for this update, but please remember to take breaks <3

Will the halloween event stay the same as last year or is it different for this year?


I'm relatively new here, I only beat the prologue like a week or two ago, but I gotta say you've made an excellent game. I'm not a huge fan of 3D animation. I never really liked it and it just kinda looks dumb to me most of the time. However, you've done a really good job on this game and it's helped me change my mind a bit. I still don't like 3D stuff, but it doesn't bother me one bit when you do it. I love your game and the animation, story, dialogue, and character designs are all phenomenal! My only complaint would be that Lucy deserves better than to be forgotten by the main character all the time. I love her and it just makes me so sad to see her abandoned by the MC or just left for last. She's best girl damn it! Keep up the good work and take as long as you need. I'm fine waiting however long it takes for a wonderful game like this. 

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