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Games my friends are fun and exciting to play, and the good ones take the most time to make and plan on how it will continue, this game even without SOME of the NSFW should have time to develop into that fun and exciting game, i know there is pressure on the dev for not updating for a while say a YEAR or so but as I learned from pressure, It makes Diamonds   so please dev, take you time, take your brakes, work hard, and work smarty


how to complete this mission all eligible characters are over level 5


notice lucy is 4 with a full xp bar


and I really really miss you

Just finished the game and did i miss something or is the "get max level with all girls" the actual ending? 


Yes, that's the ending for the prologue. Just wait for 5-10 years and chapter 1 will come out.

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If the dev willing to finish it, even it took that long I will still play it.

Okay just had to make sure ✔️


Besides the really great game scenes, animation and gameplay, one of the best sound effects is knocking on the bathroom door. With HQ headphones I have to turn around in my room always because it sounds like someone is on the real door... hahaha - did it again and again.


Does it have pregnancy?


Jimmy best girl


Jimmy Best Homie X Brother X Sidekick X Character

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Jimmy best

will the Mac download be fixed? 

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Phenomenal game, I really can't wait for the next update. Game is hilarious the mechanics are decent and Jimmy is Golden. Takes a little to get in to at first but totally worth it. Has it's small issues but not enough to take away from the game really. Great job

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Any help on how to install the game on mobile? I have 4gb of storage and when I try installing it, it fails everytime, I even turned off play protect.


this game has been out for 1 and half year fucking update


welp ig eventually we gonna get a new update like maybe in the next 5 years


yes, probably 5.7 years


Can't wait keep up the good work

when you do, please add more evie stuff


Can't wait for your update, but please communicate better with us. I seriously thought this game went the way of the dodo.

use the discord. it is a very lively community with new sneak peaks every so often. i mean honestly if i was developing a game, i too would not post many update statuses on the download platform. just the community platform. most of the viewership is in discord.

About 10 in game days ago, I bought the library upgrade, and it still hasn't been rebuilt. Is this a bug?


is it still being worked on ?




please add sex with Ari in the next update

is there cheats?

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This game is pretty good, I catch up to it in 2 nights my only issue was game is lagging so hard in mobile,  did a 15fps playthrough :( Hopefully it can be fixed in next patch so I don't need to play it on PC. 

Great game waiting for next update with big excitement. ( I need more witch and sunny scenes :D )

if i recall the lag issues are fixed in chapter 1 update


Hey you have also create other games? Can you also cheat in this game?


Hello.I am almost over with prologue but the game is good and interesting.Not just the adult stuff but story,connection between people etc.Its really good.Just have 1 question.How do i unlock more guild mission locations?i unlocked 2nd location before but can't remember what Rebecca said about other locations and how to  unlock  them


I see someone isn't happy about how long it's taking for an update to come out. So many posts with a downvote for no reason. Get a life guys, just because the next update isn't being put out when you want doesn't mean the game is abandoned. The dev posts in the comments regularly, so they are clearly still working on things.


9 gigabytes for just a prologue? Some magnificent work I see there

this game need to stop with the jumpscares man i almost fell out of bed multiple times

I dont know how to progress with the mission.


Go everywhere and talk to everyone. Giving a basic answer to avoid spoilers

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To not give the spoilers to others but its still a little one.You are looking for someone who is in market during the night and likes to climb the roof :)


Thanks Ive got it


I really want to know the soundtrack of the ruins, or the lake. Please, give them to me. 


Is this game still being updated or is it done?


Currently being worked on! Next update will be chapter 1, so the dev is working hard to get as much out as they can


Why not in Chinese


Chinese dubbing is hard, the creator is not chinese from what i know and the game doesnt have that much chinese base players so

Holaa Komisari! me encantó la historia de la V0.1.1!

la version 0.1.3  esta traducida tambien al español?

What do I do to confront the thief?

(I'm keeping the question simple to avoid spoiling others.)

Wait until midnight and go to the ruins!


Nothing happened? I almost done every mission but the theif one.

You have to wait and then go to the ruins.

I can't join your discord and i dk why


Help is needed!!! I've been playing the game for some hours now and I cannot progress with Fara for some reason. I have gotten as far as I can with every other girl and I am only level 2 with Fara. In the morning the game tells me I can start an event with Fara, the heart above her icon on the map, at the guild. However I have been to every room in the guild and nothing has happened. I can't even see what room she would be in with the map upgrade. It's like she just isn't there. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just doing something wrong. So far I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing as changed.

Its been a while since I did that one, but IIRC, you need to wake up on a Wednesday morning.

thanks for helping, I did though, its been a few weeks in game actually. I just have the option to sleep, they sleep and nothing changes.

Mmm. The only other thing I remember is that shes in front of the bar in the market at Noon at one point (took me forever to find the bar for her), but Im not sure why the heart would be on the guild house instead of the market for that quest.

that isn't working either. I think the game might just be bugged. I'm gonna restart the game and see if it changes anything

Hello, please, what is the TIP that you get to level up Fara?

Click on the heart on the top right corner, then click the Fara icon, and read the TIP.

This should be the hint for Fara level 2. Go to the bathroom and take a bath.
Try to read all hints.


Its insane that this was made by just one person, I cant wait for the next update.

greaty best girl 

Hi Komi, I've been following your game for a long time, it's too cool to be so long, and I know it will be worth it when the next update comes out. I would just like to tell you not to forget the Latin American community, several of us appreciate your effort and dedication to your project.

The only thing I would like to know is if you could give us the option to change the language. It would be a great job broad for your game community to expand. If you think you can't do it, we would be happy to translate everything for you.

Greetings, and good day!


I will admit I was skeptical about this game at first but after getting through the prologue, I can gladly say I'm now invested in it's development. Here's to hoping we hear some news soon, and don't lose faith that this game has been sidelined because it definitely has not.


loved the game, excited for next update. keep it up brotha 💜💜


the game is very good cant wait for the next update

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Is "partner" in this game "sibling"? Like Lucy and Luna, are they sisters? 

I asked the question some month ago, and Komisari say that it was in the sense "battle partner" or something like this. So no love nor family things.

Lucy and Luna are sisters but "partner" means something like a "Battle Partner".

Ah, ok. I think, in my own head cannon, i like the idea of it meaning siblings. Especially since my  character name is Aryn, it matches well with Ari.


To those saying that the game is dead, please be patient, give the game creator the time and space for the development of the game.


This game is dead.

DON'T support it.


The game creator posts here nearly every day...  Its a one man team working on a huge update with Chapter 1, which is apparently even larger than the prologue was.


Last dev log was 8 months ago.
You can understand why people would assume it's dead.


What?  Dev is Komisari, hes literally replied like every two days to comments.


Replying to comments IS NOT a dev log now is it?

Maybe actually read my comment?


Dude scroll through the comments and you will see that the creator is still working on the game


Hello, please, join discord or twitter for news about the game.


I can't join the discor

Did you even bother to check the dev's patreon or discord before posting? Komisari is a single dev working on a massive update, it's going to take time. You think good games just pop out of thin air? I can promise you, they don't.


Hi, I'm just wondering how save data will work when the next update comes out. Are you able to use old save data or would you have to start over?

In the past, you had to start over again, but he did make a forum post a bit ago that he was working on an updater for the next one.

Not sure if thats still true though, because there were some story changes to the prologue (namely Shino, from what I understood.  Her story was started when it was a "haha, funny sex game" and it doesnt fit the tone it ended up being, so he's redoing her intro quests) 


can i have your savedata i lost mine


All right, thanks for the reply.

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I can't join the discord idk why and im gone in the discord  what happened?


Hi ! I really like this game. Had a lot of fun doing it.
I have a question, I did this game on android, when a new update will come, will it be possible to keep my save ? If not, is it possible to transfer my android save to windows ?


can i have your savedata

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