About Hero's Harem Guild - 07/12/20

I realized that this project has no future. So I will make another game.

HA! Not in a million years. There's HHG for a lot of time!

I wanted to talk about the next update, the plans for it, some extra info, and about what HHG is meant to be. Let's start with the last one.

I see a lot of confusion when it comes to HHG, or how the game is meant to be. Both "gameplay-wise" and "story-wise". HHG is and will be a linear game, there won't be important choices nor consequences. What you will see is a story that will always start the same and end the same, but at the same time, it's a sandbox/adventure game. That means you will be able to meet people and girls that don't influence the main story but changes the progression of it.

Slowly, HHG will be filled up with side-stories or side-girls, like Maria or Shikia. (Maria, despite being a side character as a little influence in her first levels. But this won't happen that much) You will be able to optionally meet and level up these girls. You WON'T be obliged to meet or level up x side girl to progress the main story.

It's funny to decide and optionally level up a girl that you're interested, but, as a consent to do so, when reaching certain levels with optional girls you will unlock new stuff. Like new maximum exp levels, new recruits, new zones, new shops, new items in shops, etc. All those stuff is not needed to progress the main story but will be a big help while doing it. See it as the typical side quests that you have in any RPG. You can easily go to the main quests, but if you do the side ones, you will have a reward that will help you in the main quest, without necessarily influencing it.

But NO. HHG is not meant to be an ultra-complex RPG game. Just to have the feel of it. The idea is not to have that much grinding and be a funny experience while playing it, rewarding in every move you make. But at the same time, it'll have some expensive and hidden stuff for the most try-hards and grinding players out there ;)

Now, when it comes to the HHG world or story...I like world-building. No... I love world-building. And I like to explain stuff, too.  And HHG is not an Isekai or some pre-defined world. Every town is different the most distant they are from themselves, electricity exists, but not distant communication devices. And this last one makes the "synchronization" of towns (When it comes to progress, technology and etc.) pretty fucked up. You will see different types of towns, the same with different types of lives and species. And some characters will show you a whole new way to see how the world around you works...

People ask a lot of questions like; If a demon fights another demon and survives an attack, that demon would be a Hero? The answer is; Do you think that Demon would be a Hero after that? What happens if the MC fights Narissa, survives, and then Lucy never asks him to be a Hero. He would be the Hero of that town anyway?

Right now for you, I'm sure the definition of Hero is not certain. What makes a Hero? Why would a guy who fights a Demon, if he survives, he becomes a Hero? Why some people love heroes, others ignore them, and others think that Heroes are shit? Everything will be answered, but this needs time to be answered. And I think it's really good to let you guys with that question for some time.

When going through the game, I'm trying to remember the player that the MC was a complete ignorant of this world, living in one of the most basics towns out there. That's why he is surprised about most stuff he finds.

But don't think that other people like Lucy, Luna or Leticia knows everything. They just know more. Except for Fara... Maybe she has lived a lot of time... :/

In short, there's a lot yet to do and show. A lot of people told me that they cry in some scenes, and I'm having extremely positive feedback when it comes to the story. This makes me happy, prepare yourself for some crazy stuff. There's a lot of scenes like the last one of the prologue that I'm planing from a lot of time ago, and I love them. If you're a sucker of that kind of stuff, don't worry because you'll see some cool battles or emotional scenes.

Sorry for the long-ass post I'm doing. I like to talk about my game :(

Extra info:

I'm learning extremely fast. Both in programming and Renpy. Like... Extremely fast, really. Some months ago I wasn't able to do a simple custom card menu, I was using PHOTOSHOP to make text lines inside renpy because I didn't know how to use them.

No kidding, these are cursed.

And right now, as I'm working on the last update, I started to see some limitations in Renpy. And that makes me scared. But I can't just start a unity project or something like that. I would need a lot of money, people, and organization that I don't have right now. As well as learning everything again.

So, I'm right now on the edge of Renpy limits (Or at least at what I think it's the limit). I'll try to keep HHG as simple as possible for everyone to play both in mobile and PC, after the next update I don't think there is going to be that much of bigger changes. That's why I'll try to do EVERYTHING in one update;

The Next HHG update:

Some people here will remember the "Overhaul update"...

This update was the migrate version between v0.0.1 and v0.1.0. That had some bigger changes... Like...

From this;

To this;

In my judgment, the update was worth it. Even if it didn't add that much stuff, all the changes were excellent.

The live v0.1.1 version is unplayable for low-end computers or mobiles. Every time you move, every time you click... Almost 1200* lines of code are being calculated and replaced/updated. That's extremely bad, and I'm aware of it. Compared to other VNs out there, HHG is one of the most laggy if not the laggiest.

Well, v0.1.2 will be like the Overhaul Update. Almost everything will be changed. The girl's code, how you get affection, how you move through the world, the map, the guild map, it'll add some new locations, some new girl interactions, the girl's card menu, the shops, the inventory, the GUI, I'll add a whole new help window with tutorials, everything that needs to be polished and changed, will be polished and changed.

I'll add some unlockable stuff, like optional animated cards for your favorite characters uwu;

I'll, OF COURSE, bring back the ability to see the girls in the map, just like v0.0.1;

*Old v0.0.1 image.

And some stuff that I prefer not to mention, but you get the idea. Another Overhaul!

It's not that I like to rework the game countless times, it's just that my old code is shit, like, literally, shit. And now that I've seen Renpy limitations and I have a "stable" way to do stuff, I think this will be the best.

And reworking almost everything... Will take some time. I'll try to give updates every time is possible, but at the same time, I want some changes to be a surprise. I like surprises. I think every one of you has seen how I work, I like to do heavy and large as fuck updates. I work almost all day in the game, you can count that in the next update you'll see the hell of a lot of changes and stuff. You won't see two or three minor changes. I can assure you that!

Well, after that wall of text, now the bad news;

There won't be new story content in this new update. Almost all changes will be towards gameplay. It's sad, I know. I really want to continue the story, but I prefer to have everything settled first. Of course, you will see new stuff that will reinforce the actual story or some minor changes. But NO new stuff after the last event of the Prologue.

I know a lot of you want to know what happens with Little Narissa. I'll try to not spoil anything, but I just want to make something clear...

Hero's Harem Guild has two MC's.

*Maybe this image instead of answering some questions, make you even more confused... Who knows? Narissa won't be a normal girl like the others!

Check the game's logo again!

Thanks for your support!

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when will new update be free


hello komisari how is your work going are you close to finish this update

will you finish this update ??? 


Hello Komisari, I wanna take a moment to thank you for your amazing work. Only the fact that you keep reworking the game time and time again, proves that you are indeed improving and that you want to have a strong base for your game. I really appreciate your effort and I hope that you will continue to do this and that you  will succeed in what you want to accomplish. You won me as one of your patrons. Have a great day my man*helmet bro handshake* !


Thank you so much! I'll try my best to make the game as good as possible!

Where can I find Ari at the end part of version 0.1.1?

Town's Stairs!

Will this game always be free or...


Hero's Harem Guild will be always free.

Love creators like you, thank you for responding.

you said in middle of september 


It was a really rough ETA.

when will it come then



dude will it take any longer??

Look, if you want I can release the game right now. Of course you won't be able to talk with Shino and Evie, because they are not in the map yet.  Also the other girls. You won't be able to get Lucy past level 4.

There are two ways to make this, I'm working all day on the game, it'll be ready SOON. Whenever it's ready.

please tell us

when will update come


And I love you too Komi! And Lucy! Ah, my previous and lovely Lucy!!!

HAHAHAH Thank you so much!

It crashed every time I minimized the app on the new Android. But no worries, I just made sure I saved frequently...

I can't wait for the new storyline but I totally get fixing code first. You wanna sharpen that axe before chopping wood, totally understand!

I look forward to replaying the next update and also THANK YOU FOR THE GAME!!! storyline is very rich and so dynamic. Surprises everywhere. Loved it! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽  Keep it up!

1) fun game - except some of the moving around parts (especially in town and the annoying amount of repeatable "spending time with xxx"
2) only worried about some to direct copyright(?) cases - the one picture and especially a very familiar boss music - was very suprising to hear that track
3) plus was that one short exchange about "can you?..." a reference to the same show?


1 - Yep, next update focuses about more freedom and more stuff to do.
2 - I think you're talking about the RWBY track, right? I found it in a video with the title "No Copyright Music", so I used it. I didn't know what was RWBY before.
3 - "can you?"......??? What?

in you game it was a line between the MC and the praise-the -sun ripp off guard
one talk reminded me of this
but most likely the rwby-song that made me more aware of it - both from same season/ep

Hahaha xD
I saw the clip, and nope. I don't remember adding a line like that. And I insist, I never saw RWBY. The song will be removed next update

Oh man, I had a bit of a scare there at the beginning. I personally don't mind if there is no story content in the next update as long as there is an update to know that the game is still ongoing




THANK THE FUCKING LORD! BRO I NEED TO BE ABLE TO WALK UP TO ANY OF THE GIRLS AND BE LIKE "let's fuck.'' Story wise it makes sense since they're fine with you fucking like a wild animal

quick question, will this be free when the whole game releases, if not, how much will it cost? cuz im loving it! 5/5

It will be free!

hell yea! thanks for the quick reply, and keep up the good work man, i'll do my best to support the game

can you level up sunny in this V

A nice game, I really like Lucy. She's like the girl of my dreams!(元气少女简直完美)

I really admire you for your great efforts here.


Thank you so much! Please rate the game!

Will saves from 0.1.1 be compatible?


(1 edit)

EEeeeeeekkk have to restart?? Oh well... Can't wait for the overhaul update Komi! ♡ Thank you for your hard work and dedication, when my business recover from this pandemic, I'll be sure to join your Patreon, I'm serious.

Yep, sadly :(
And thank you so much!

(1 edit)

:( just completed it! Any chance you can provide a save game with all the girls leveled up to their max level?

Nope, a lot of things will change!

I love the game, the combination of drama and echi is great the development, the characters, the missions everything is great


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