Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 IS NOW FREE! MAJOR UPDATE!



  • Added 1 new girl.
  • Added 23 new events.
  • Added 44 new micro-events. (Most of them are spending time events.)

I literally made a new game, there’s a lot of changes on code, but not that much on what the player sees. This time, I won’t mention the changes on the code, I’ll do that in another post with some information on how I did the rework. It’s pretty interesting. What I will write in this changelog are only changes that the player is able to see. There’s a lot of changes in, for example, how the girl’s behavior works and how I can design different positions for different characters, or different talk options based on how the game progresses, and a lot more, but that’s for later.

  • *NEW* Levels and Exp:
    • Now almost all actions will give you EXP.
    • Added a small level bar on top of the screen.
    • Getting affection, talking with Jimmy, leveling up girls, foraging, mining, fishing, everything will give you exp that you’ll be able to spend.
    • The more levels you have, the more exp you need per level.
    • The levels are CONSUMED when used.
  • *NEW* Perks or Skill Trees:
    • You can spend levels and money to buy permanent upgrades to your character, guild, or girls.
    • Added 20 perks, including the ability to headpat girls any time, getting more affection, upgrading your fishing skill, and more!
  • *NEW* Foraging:
    • Now random items will spawn on zones.
    • You can click items on the screen to collect them.
    • Some items spawn at specific times of the day, and after you collect them there’s a cooldown.
    • You can sell those items (Flowers, apples, mushrooms, etc) or use them for craft.
  • *NEW* Tutorials Or Help Menu:
    • Added a help menu inside options and pop-up tutorials.
    • Added 15 tutorials.
    • You can toggle the tutorials on and off.
  • *NEW* Actions:
    • Added an “Action” option when talking to a girl. This will lead to repeatable lewd events.
    • More repeatable lewd events will be added over time.
  • *REWORKED* Talk Options:
    • Added a smooth transition when opening menus.
    • You now have different options when talking to a girl.
    • Talking to a girl gives you 1 Trust and Knowledge point, when reaching 3 consecutive trust points, you break the maximum affection limit by 1 and you get 15% affection of the actual level.
    • New talk options appear over the course of time, and when you progress with girls.
  • *REWORKED* Spend Time:
    • Now you have a micro-event the first time you spend time with a girl in a position.
    • When spending time with a girl, if it’s the first time you spend time with a girl there you will get a micro-event and you get 1 Affection point PLUS 1 Trust point. If you do it again, you will see a fast reminder of the event and you will get only 1 affection.
  • *REWORKED* Girls Deck:
    • Added animated card portraits.
    • You can now buy/unlock different cards for every girl. Some of them are animated and some of them may give you an in-game scene after unlocking it.
    • Changed the design completely.
    • Added 2 new types of affection bars.
    • Added quick-buttons if you right-click.
    • Added a search option.
    • Added an option for fan-art drawings to be featured as a card portrait!
  • *REWORKED* Inventory:
    • Inventory expands after reaching maximum capacity.
    • Changed some icons.
    • Items will now float on the screen until you pick up them.
    • Added information pop-up for items.
    • Added stats information for tools. (Damage, durability, power, etc.)
    • Changed the design completely.
    • You can now move items.
    • Added hotkeys.
    • You can now equip/use tools.
  • *REWORKED* Shops:
    • The shops changed completely.
    • There is no maximum amount of money you can get per shop.
    • Added talk options.
    • You can now craft items.
  • *REWORKED* Quintuplets:
    • Added a GUI.
    • You can now ask for prices, and build the upgrades with items.
  • *REWORKED* Navigation:
    • Extremely faster than the previous version.
    • Now there is a smooth transition when moving from zones.
    • Added hinters; You can right-click, press H, or Mouse Wheel to activate hinters and see where you can go. (Completely customizable)
    • Girls, GUI, and objects on screen now appear instantly instead of 0.5-2 seconds. (aka 2 seconds of pain and lag)
  • *REWORKED* Guild Map:
    • Now any human being can use it.
  • *REWORKED* Guild Board:
    • Now is useful.
    • Now almost every guild member can work. (Lucy, Luna, Shino, Evie, and Ari)
    • You can send your girls to work in different places outside the town, or in the town itself. Every place and every girl will give you different items.
    • You have to wait for REAL-TIME for them to come back, the time you have to wait depends on the girl and the place you send her.
    • You can send/retrieve them AT ANY MOMENT.
    • Added a money bank and a chest to store items that the girls collect. You can upgrade this with perks. If for some reason the chest/money bank is full, the girl will stop working automatically.
    • Added a history window. To see what they collected.
  • *REWORKED* Game Menu:
    • Changed design.
    • Added an infinite amount of slots for save-games.
  • *REWORKED* Save-Games:
    • Save-games are now completely compatible between versions. Now you can’t overwrite a previous version save-game.
    • Save-games gets updated every time you change the version.
    • Auto-Saves are triggered every time you sleep.
  • *CHANGED* Mining:
    • Now you can mine without opening a window.
    • Time does not pass while mining.
    • You need to equip a pickaxe.
  • *CHANGED* Fishing
    • Added an arrow to change reeling sides.
  • *CHANGED* Guild Rooms:
    • Changed all rooms.
    • Added 9 new zones.
  • *CHANGED* Quests:
    • You can now organize your quests by “Active”, “Completed”, “Locked” and “In Development”
    • Changed the design a little bit.
    • Changed notifications.
  • *CHANGED *Map:
    • You can now see where every girl is once you unlock a perk.
    • Added exclamation marks to zones when you have a new event available there.
    • Added animation when you open the map.
    • Added a way to go back.
  • Girls:
    • Every position of every girl was reworked.
    • Every girl got their card portrait changed.
  • Affection:
    • Little tweaks in the affection levels: 
      • For every level, you’ll need the sum of all levels of the girl. Level 5 = 1+2+3+4+5 affection needed. (15), for example.
  • Lucy:
    • Added 1 extra event.
    • Added 3 lewd scenes.
    • Added 1 new animated card.
    • Added 2 new fanart cards.
  • Fara
    • Added 2 lewd scenes.
    • Added 1 new fanart card.
  • Luna:
    • Added 1 new card.
  • Rebecca:
    • Added 1 lewd scene.
    • Added 1 new animated card.
  • Evie:
    • A fanart card will be added in the pre-release.
  • Sunny:
    • Added 1 new fanart card
  • Maria:
    • Added 1 new fanart card.
  • Elizabeth:
    • Added 2 Events.
    • Added 1 lewd scene.
  • Leticia:
    • Added 3 events.
    • Added 1 lewd scene.
  • Ari:
    • Added 3 events.
    • Added 1 amazing af fanart card.
  • Locations:
    • Almost all locations got changed.
  • Discord:
    • Added an option to disable/enable Discord presence.

I’ll make a post later talking about all the changes, showing screenshots of the progress, explaining how the systems work, and helps me improve the time I’m developing the game!

  • Pre-Release Changes:
    • Added support for HQ items. And by HQ I mean 120x120 images, instead of 66x66. The quality of them changes a lot. Some items are not “Blurry” anymore.
    • You can now ask Granny, Maria and Yinna where to find the items on the “Misdirection” quest.
    • Added Shikia again. She will give you tips about fishing during the prologue.
    • Added a message to hint where Evie is when she’s lost.
    • Changed how fishing probabilities work. Now it should work as expected… Should.
    • Added a patreon badge on Delilah’s card.
    • Added Lucy lewd event after you unlock her animated card.
    • Now all “Hero” perks are completely locked and hidden before unlocking the “Charismatic Hero” perk.
    • Added a text in quintuplet’s inventory for the player to know he has to give the items to build.
    • Added Items:
      • Plague Fish, Legendary. 80% chance for any type of Danee fish to go away when this item is in the inventory.
    • Changed Items:
      • Timmie, The Fish. When Timmie is in the inventory, +5 Pickaxe Power
    • Changed item icons:
      • Worm
      • Wooden Fishing Rod
      • Single Hook
      • Reinforced Hook
      • Raw Meat
    • Added perks:
      • Anti-Climatic Fishing:
        • Be able to obtain items fishing everywhere.
    • Added tutorials for:
      • Quintuplets
      • Perks
  • Pre-Release bugs Fixed:
    • If you click on “Advanced Name Settings” and then load a save, you start again.
    • Luna gives you Danee and Meat every 2 seconds. Meat is really valuable, the quantity will drop to 10 when you load your save.
    • Items that appeared out of the screen were unobtainable. Now if they appear out of the screen they are collected automatically. And they now auto-collect after 10 sec. Just in case.
    • Changed the way “[name] with a manly voice” works. Now it SHOULD not stay anymore.
    • You can’t fish inside the guild anymore.
    • Skip time in Helen’s shop crashes.
    • Yinna dialogue when Maria is talking.
    • Rollback with mouse wheel enabled in shops.
    • Changed how the guild board works, now it SHOULD not freeze at 0 anymore.
    • Rebecca's actions lead you to spend time.
    • Jimmy small rocks dialogue error.
    • Lucy’s workshop fanart board arrow leads to the entrance.
    • Some hinters were wrong placed.
    • Maria headpat not implemented.
    • Fara avert expression at noon.
    • Luna spend-time afternoon after Luna lvl 6 crash.
    • Sunny in the shower crash.
    • Right-Clicking on quintuplets inventory will crash the player inventory.
    • Right-Clicking on a locked icon map will lead you there even with it being locked.
  • Public update changes:
    • Added Halloween Events. (5 Events, 426 renders and 71 videos)
    • Now the halloween event triggers correctly for some people.
    • Gallery now correctly shows the names.
    • Now everytime you type cheats starting with “ (quotes), you’ll receive a bitch slap from the game.
    • Added new cards:
      • Normal:
        • Best Friends - Rebecca (Animated Character and Thumbnail)
        • Lucymin - Halloween Special
        • Nun - Sunny, Halloween Special
        • Dark Lady - Evie (Animated Thumbnail, Halloween Special)
      • Fanart:
        • Criminal Ari - MateDolce
        • Lovely (Shino) - Seiji
        • Heart Eyes (Evie) - Seiji
        • Horny (Evie) - Cute Bird
        • Shy Gardener (Delilah) - Cute Bird
        • Wet (Ari) - Cute Bird
        • Morning (Lucy) - Cute Bird
    • Now you’ll have a notification on the girl card when a new card is available to buy.
    • Right Click closes all notifications.
    • Halloween event will trigger only on saves that have Lucy level 5 or more. Before, if you started a new save you could see the full halloween event not even meeting Evie.
    • Halloween Candy drop rate reduced to more than half.
    • Changed how the guild board works, again. This should definitely fix it forever.
    • The previous point may be a lie.
    • Now money shown in shops is inverted, so instead of: “3 Copper, 2 Silver, 1 Gold”, it will be shown as “1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Copper.”
    • Fixed name select bug.
    • Money cheat now working correctly.
    • General buff to everything that has to be with money. All items now sell for more price.
    • Legendary Fish are much more rare now, and they are a lot more difficult to catch.
  • Now items, money and exp appear in red when you don’t have enough of them. (Crafting, cards menu, shops, perks, etc)
  • New cheat code to have specific quantities of money.
  • Fixed a bug where the guild board history breaks the history limits (15). (I've had 1812 history text by just keeping the game open for an hour, and I didn't understand where the stupid lag came from :pepega:)
  • Fixed small visual glitch in the cards menu. When you open one sometimes you see the right side of the card’s character in the left one. 
  • Changed Kiuta name color to blue-ish. Now it doesn’t look like the MC.
  • Card special icons text are now centered.


Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Mac 9 GB
Version 0.1.2 Nov 23, 2020
Hero's Harem Guild v0.1.2 for Windows/Linux 9 GB
Version 0.1.2 Nov 23, 2020

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Sat here waiting for an update </3

I LOVE the addition of Action dialogs when talking to the girls! Looking forward to all the new options in v0.1.3!

hey when will v0.1.3 come

When it's ready.

really love the game its a shame i cant get my old save files but i love the game too much to quit great job please continue the game I'm beggin

Amigo, es buenisimo el juego, me sorprende que seas uno solo trabajando,  te aplaudo por tu trabajo y apenas tenga el dinero voy a apoyarte en patreon, ¡realmente lo mereces!

Sin miedo a equivocarme confirmo muy fuerte todas tus palabras

(1 edit) (-3)


dude why didn't you do more events like you just change the game and you didn't do anything about the story sunny is still in lv 6 i am getting bored now :(


That's why v0.1.3 will have purely story content. Calm down, I'm just one making this game.

will our game be saved or not for v0.1.3



why is there glitching shadow of a person in the lake when it's midnight?

im scared

does anyone know how to get the guild members loves scene of lucy? i cant seem to find it

click action when she's in her workshop

oh yeah, but it just says "???" I'm guessing i haven't completed something even though i already finished the prologue 

i went back to my old save file and found that you need the guild outfit first. you need to buy lucy's second pesonal card

yep, you need lucy's 2nd card to unlock that scene. thx brother, wouldve never guessed it myself

(1 edit)

Good lord. Guess using old saves isn't an option for this update xD


You can't, even if you want!

Well shucks hahaha Good game though! Really enjoy the story and characters!

I really tried lmao

I play on android and love the game. But im having issues. The game keeps randomly crashing and erasing all unsaved data and auto saves do not work.

(1 edit)

Edit- I guess im medium brain cuz I figured it out lol, great game tho and i'm actually pumped to go back through, this game is my life blood right now.

do i have to redownload the game ? im not seeing an option to update, also if this is the case will i lose progress? i'm sure its in the notes somewhere but im small brain so didn't understand

Hello, no, for next updates you won't lose your saves. But you'll have to download the game again. I'm working on a launcher!

Game not letting me open old save files,  help!

Old save files are not compatible.

Shame, but at least I get to play through the great story again, keep up the good work


I'm super happy that you made a new update, when I was playing it before, I was actually sad when it ended.

We will keep waiting for the English version very patiently.

There's already an English version... With some spanglish errors, but there is.

Excuse me, is it complete in Spanish?

The game is completed English.  The spanish is the one incompleted.

Deleted 1 year ago

sense android is. Built different the game has to be scaled to android standards. A release will be a later date on android

This thing ain't NTR right if it's then imma out... Hate NTR


Ohhhh Why, Thank you. 


when is the android version?


i cant use my auto saves wtf man u literally broke the game 

"Major" software updates are generally not backward compatible due to changes in existing content.

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