What characters are you interested in seeing in chapter 1. (v0.1.3)

Vote the characters you're more interested to see in HHG's next update, or the ones you expect to see more. You can vote for multiple of them. All characters of HHG are in the poll!


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There will be version 0.1.3.  free?

Я очень заинтересован в этой игре , пожалуйста сделай обновление , прошел уже год и я хочу увидеть продолжение с Санни или Люси , хотелось бы кншн Намного больше контента , но надеюсь за год его больше чем достаточно )


I must say this is the best NSFW games i have player in forever, its plot, the girl's designs and varieties made this game so fun to play, the 20$ is something I can't just spare but i would gladly be your patreon. I am waiting for 0.1.3!

Man i wish I have 20$ rn,i want to become your patreon,your game seriously great,the plot,the meme scene when Kiuta said "Begone Thot" and Jimmy Boi,i wish i could be your subscriber but,man, I don't have that 20$ to be your patreon so i just wish you luck on making HHG game,me and the bois really love it because of the plot you know,and the sex scene too,this is all i could say man,Thanks for making these game, it's cool tho

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I apoIogize as a one time (meaning past) Patron. I abandoned you the previous time you took so long. Not this time, mind you. I understand your desire to prioritize quality, but I cannot fathom paying twenty dollars a month as a subscription for media every half-year. I usually (to be honest) just watch your page and subscribe when you update... Then I unsubscribe thus paying $20 for each new version. I have thus far spent more on yours (your game) than I have on literally any other, since I have payed $20 for every subsequent version since you started Patreon. Just thought you might like to know; I will probably do the same with the next update, even if it only includes an additional six minutes of content. I do love you game, but cannot realistically afford you as a standard subscriber. I look forward to paying you your next $20. Even though I could just wait for it to be free.

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Hello! Hey, don't worry! You don't have to be a patron all the time! The post what made only for those who didn't believe I was making the game, I have 0 problems with people who don't want to afford 20$ every time for "nothing" or people only pledging when the update is available. That's completely okay!

U made one best game I played thus far this is right up there with summertime saga 



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I vote all. The women


We all know we want jimmy, ya boi needs some attention too ya know


Lucy is so cute, I will choose her

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My favorite Characters ❤ in HHG








Also I want that Helen and Yinna ❤ hehehe 😏 


Actually, my fav char is Shino, too. That's great!


Not gonna lie, every single character is so unique and loveable for their own reasons. The story is amazing, and it's unbelievable that their is the option to download for free. The prolog already feels like an almost finished product with the amount of detail and effort. I got to day 110 as I was having a total blast getting to know the characters and get all the upgrades and Fanart & Standard. The only issue I've noticed is very very few dialog issues, for example one time when it refers to the girls it says "Hey instead of her" when it's describing the person. even then it's so unnoticeable it doesn't take away from the story.

 As for characters that should see more time everyone, even Jimmy and Granny. All the characters are so well thought-out that no seeing a certain one would be sad. Especially in group scenes, honestly well done on the Art Style especially the characters, and just the game in general. I was playing Scarlett Law, a similarly styled game when it showed this in the related bunch. Started playing, and it was slow at first, but the more and more I played I was taken aback by how amazing the characters, funny the jokes, and just how phenomenal and entertaining this game ended up being, definitely my favourite game and I can not wait to see what's in store!


Thank you so so much! Please rate the game ♥


I think this kosari guy might be the best P.game creator hahaha unfortunately I don't have a PC to download this game so I might be waiting for some PC to download this I can't wait to play this though

Left a little rating and review of the game, might update it later to add on when I have the time lol

This is a crime, Jimmy should be 1, 2 and 3

I Love Lucy, She's Kawaii 😭😭

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Sunny and Leticia!!!  Also more oral!!  Your oral scenes are some of the best out there!!

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Leticia and Rebecca my favorites

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Me of course gonna say I want more events for  ( Evie , Lucy , Sunny , Luna )
And of course if there's NEW girls will be added it would be MORE AWESOME  :D

and yeah of course the main story TOO !!

Y I N N A, I try to spend time with here every time.😭

yinna like dam

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Character wise, more Sunny please!!!


fuk this I want JIMMY


My boy Jimmy


More sunny and Luna moments pls and also that fish girl too

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